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Buying under $1000
making its comeback
time to buy
All in!
sure is, wait till 🌙 🌚 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌛 🌙
The shorts killing this one,,
Ongoing tensions with Russia should make this 🌙 📈
OIL Crisis in 2021 will dramatically lower the market as the OPEC will collapse and oil productions ramped up and prices reduced
funny how non of that happend🤔
lol, looks like theyre breaking plat and paladium first
Oil refineries are going bankrupt
Start buying now, only 10% at a time to comlete your total investment in Palladium. Your position in any or combined (metals) should not exceed more then 5%-8% of your total portfolio. Be prudent be careful be smart.
Why is palladium so high.
That's the question why are people buying at these insane prices.
its not high, Palladium is one of the rarest metals on earth and even more scarce than platinum – 15 times more rare to be precise. If all the platinum in the world fits in your house, then every ounce of palladium can easily squeeze inside your living room. All the gold would fill more then 3 Olympic size pools.
because it's in short supply and apparently Tesla has a top secret project named " PALLADIUM". Research has shown that PALLADIUM can potentially increase battery 🔋 power by 30%. Google Lion Battery if you're interested in research.
sell sell sell
sell sell sell.
Buy buy and buy
Now time to square and buy !!
Time to short !!!
Buy now