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How’s your Verses, too funny …. Smh
You’re all crazy, its down 60 to 70%, worst call ever VAN and youve had some bad ones !
George you're a beta male simp
Founder & CEO met with NASA on Aug 8 btw
Jose where are you. DXY up 6 weeks straight since you called more down pressure @ tail support. Haha
While we wait, VERSES AI is a buy. Going to moon.
Anything under $2 is a good entry.
Yes if you’re a shorter. Go pump on X please, more gullible there.
George you're going to miss the launch. Sell vol is dying out.
274xx next leg down
Less than 2 weeks maybe 3. Agreed
My thought for BTC in August is bullish...What do you think?
For me, it will be ranging. Then next month will be bullish
up we go
Gold with a mega gao up while BTC is still limping
Gold has barely moved, what are you smoking ?
I see a pumping pattern.
just digging into the charts and looks like we should be pulling back upward going into this week. Should be a lot of eyes from the tech sector on crypto this week with the launch of Worldcoin. Seems like this is the first big entry into crypto by Silicon Valley OGs. Should be listing today, with plenty of big name cex coming in the next couple weeks. Wouldn't be surprised to see a coinbase listing at some point too, am sure there'll be plenty trying to get involved. Definitely looking for a place to get in on this one earlier. Will definitely bring on some more institutional attention breathing some energy into the space. Cheers yall, let me know where you find it.