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it's green
l hat Banaskota ,he is damn brutal disaster
They better have a good strategy set up in January for the investor day
CEO and other insiders buying shares with personal money. Trying to show strength or legit long term value/opp?
I bought in at same time .43
Looking like some of the larger equity fund holders have dumped the stock, with larger selloffs in past weeks. However, the company remains resilient and cashflow continues. This stock has always been attractive primarily for its dividend offering. IMHO I'd wait until after next earnings date in March before making any rash changes. A cautious buy as the analysts would say...
How low will it go? Will the dividend survive?
I don't see it going much lower from here. All the major selling appears to b over and seems to be bottoming. I think the dividend will survive; but there is still a chance it may b cut.
agreed imo they cut the dividend in half and i think its priced in
it will rebound, it's a defensive stock.
Payout ratio is 1.39x
Buy before earnings
I'm sorry.I got some after earnings
How did that workout for you
5000k on the dip
Buying the dip
motlyfoolll recommend this
A good deal happened
what's happened this week?
Due to the winter storm in Texas!
why dropped so much?
current price of 20.57 in is a good buy?
Good AQN dividend
6 grand and I'm all in solid buy
decent growth and solid dividend
Going up!
Did anybody else not get their dividend pay yesterday?
You probably missed the ex dividend date. I've owned this for 5 years and never once has it missed a payment. absolutely solid stock
that's so weird because I got the april one. I still love this stock though
Its ex-div date so we are entitled to the div if we bought before this date, so we dont actually get paid untill the payable date
Excellent Buy!!