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  • market correction probably coming soon.
    • lmao. why do idiots keep betting against tech
    •  Once upon a time, Tech bubble happened and Nasdaq took 15 years to recover.
    • Even in the event of a "correction," there is some $5 Trillion in private capital sitting on the sidelines. The number of good company's such as APPLE, with dominant market share, competitive advantages and phenomenal balance sheets, are few and far between. This makes even the slightest dip a BUY. Some might say, we in an asset bubble similar to Japan circa '87-91; yes, maybe, but, no one has a crystal ball, and are you going to just sit on the sidelines? People and companies are using more tech now than ever before. Unless a solar flare fries our global telecommunications infrastructure, then maybe we see a decrease in that trend (which is an underappreciated possibility). Don't put all your eggs in this basket, but this stock can and will likely continue to climb. (opinion 07/21/2020)