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Shorts making killing of the misery of others
Loaded up again @ 18
Back in @ 18
In @ 24,12
Bad call? It's my first entry
You buy PCT today?
No I didn’t, I’m actually trying to make money in these markets !!smh
Sell plus $31- target 27-28 stop 33 or straddle at 30,50 for end of June, prefer straight put due to market froth
Closed out puts with stock at $28,50 :) some nutter put a buy rec on for $32
Lol - 2 thumbs down on a winning trade !!
Waiting for 24/25
By by have nice trip
Back in 24,68
Waiting for the ports to open while recieving a large dividend 🚀
What dividend, an extended stay on a locked down boat ??
$20 to $22 target
What happen ?
buy? or no?
Read what the CEO said on March 14th, ‘shrinking it’s fleet due to pandemic will slow it’s full recovery until 2023’, you decide
Wait for 24/25 This summer will be booming for anything travel Ignore the narratives, it's all about rate of change Earnings for cruiselines/airlines will shatter estimates this summer CCL & SAVE are my top picks
1st entry @ 22,67
Propped up by Saudi wealth fund, personally I have issues buyiing shares to make them richer
Your few shares won’t be a decimal to them
missing the point, they need buyers to unload
Might buy tmrw
buy or wait ?
is It good time to buy or is it going to go down again?
is It good time to buy or is it going to go down again?
Buy or wait til it drops more?
Buy now and hold on for a 3 to 5 times gain in the next 18 months
Is it time to buy?
true true thx
they are not paying their dividend now or in the near future
The dividend will be payable on March 13, 2020, to stockholders of record on February 21, 2020, with an ex-dividend date of February 20, 2020
8-12$ but sub 20 still ok
when this pos finally tanks 75%, it's gonna be glorious
vaccine flops
lol ^ this is a funny theory
Nick Bolarinho Yearly flu vaccine is approximately 50% effective What makes you think COVID vaccines will be any better?
Will swing with vacine uncertainty but expect $45 to $55 in 9 months