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why did the stock drop
Ww3 is coming
always buy cost. DCA on Cost since it was 99.
market is over and hold.
This is a hodl
This is a hodl
After result maybe 480
Think again
600 by new year?
up 100 in little time nice
still overpriced
sucks to be you of you didn't buy it
420 next year
great buy
how to calculate dividends, if i invested 10k, how much i will be making
Before or after the question
is it good to buy
What is wrong with this market!
what did you expect?
normaly when a company beats earnings expectations, the stock price goes up, not down!
most likely a big dump after earnings
Will see!
Spot on
This post is from May 28! LOL
can i buy a stocks here ?
Still too expensive but you could put a small position in by gradually when he’s going down
us economy very strong...bullish
Love a horse that just keeps on running. Bought in $150, one of my bright lights.
revise...revise...Damn! this might bottom out at $140...$150.
I hope you bought upon your suspection
like Costco.bit expensive right now I believe.I feel $200 will be great price to jump in.
best retail by a mile. years to grow