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Better than Amazon Pharmacy
Profit taking or irrational market
Bingo 110$.
Bingo 110$.
CVS is solid and growing paying down debt at racing pace
110$ next stop unstoppable.
To 110$ next stop unstoppable.
With the covid variant cvs is going to go up even more as it will play a bigger role in society
To 116$ now
Even Amazon is left doing business with CVS
Finally CVS the king pin of healthcare is taking off no stopping now
CVS is undervalued the myth of amazon pharmacy does not even come close to CVS
CVS is undervalued the myth of amazon pharmacy does not even come close to CVS
way undervalued at $71
Way undervalued
How low can it go
Is it dtill a buy
Another stellar performance
Wow the price is dropping after a showing like that, I guess investors feel better to put their money on money losing stocks that are trading at ridiculous prices.
Proved all the doubters wrong, again. Nice showing, it deserves respect from the market because this is not chance but engineered results with well managed execution. Lets go to 100$,  without a doubt this is not reflective of its true potential.
Another great results leaving no doubt about its potential now. Lets take it to 100$ with a couple more strong quarters.
Q3 results just great. Its bound for great heights.
Again fantastic results for Q2 it is bound for greatness, another Amazon.
agree, they are in right track , growing well
very good results today just a matter time before the market will be convinced that its a long term buy.
agree, this is easily 59, 60 $ stock
Today its 75$ and rising this tells you where it was its going to 100$