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buy and hold fast
$45.07 bought on sept 5th
you got in cheap...I bought at 52.40
$45.06 on sept 6th bought
Hold- Buy below 48$
sell or hold?
seems like a gamble now it's going down?
keep and hold
I think it is time to sell.
For short term, yes
Is it time to buy enbridge ?
I just put in a order to buy at 51.75...if it gets there
Advise on whether to buy or wait !
Is it good to buy ?
Big bill from Enbridge
Manoj = Gartman of Enbridge.
saying it 3 times doesn't magically make it true.
Manoj is the Gartman of Enbridge.
Manoj is the Gartman of Enbridge.
Manoj is retarded
the us needs the gas and oil from this pipeline,price will remain strong
Great stock to hold long term and provides a great yield.
...without much of upside growth.
Manoj has been spouting this clarion call since ENB was $38. Should have just bought the stock!
Is Strong selloff is coming
it'll hit 51 with those piling in for the divy
you need big money to gain a decent divi
lets crack 50 !