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Hey tom sc , its a good day for you to short this turd
Tom sc why dont you short this turd
i have been sotting in tgis tock since 2018 i am in a sane pisition as you are
this was a set up and i dont belive for one min the insiders and big investors werent in with encana . And you have people like tom sc telling you to sell at this point . They were sucsses full of getting every retail investirs out of this stock
when are the glory days returning,,,, LoL,,,,
that's a terrible reason to hold a stock. my honest advice, if u insist on holding this turd, is to sell half and split the risk with another stock.
note taken Tom,,,
I have to be,,, I invested a year ago,,,,, worst move of my life,,,, LOL,,,,
why r u so bullish? what do u like about this company?
Tom c why dont you short this stick today ? It came up a lit yesterday . I say it is a great time for you to short
I don't short stocks.
Why dont you short this turd
Tom, I'll give you that, a good sense of humor,,,,,
the smart ones are exiting
lol u got me now, only needs to go up another 500% to get your price target.
delusional Tom, delusional,,,,
Tom, go pick up the wife's dry cleaning, then make sure the dog gets walked,,,, and have those dishes dried and put away, all before 5pm,,,,,
you guys are nuts. if oil stays below 50 or very low 50s and NG stays where it's at they're in big trouble.....along with every other OG
$80.00 in no time,,,,
delusional. I mean, exactly what logic are u going with?
delusional. I mean, exactly what logic are u going with?
Tommy Boy,,,, watch the run,,,,
they're collapsing the stock for a takeover
Upswing on the Horizon,,,,
sell now, save some losses
It is showing strong buy WTF!!!!
What a nice trap!!! They even asked shareholders to vote for it.
What a nice trap!!! They even asked shareholders to vote for it.
it is going down, get out of the way!
This is a terrible stock, it is not abouf the declining of natural gas pricing. It seems that thr price is dragged down intentionally. Look to simillar stocks and compare
danger zone pricing for shale producers here. oil really needs to stay around $60 wti for these to be viable businesses, especially when natty is sub $2. chances of that oil price being maintained in a slowing global economy is slim, even in the best of times it's hard as there is ample supply.
48 hrs post split, watch for short sell cushion to emerge
a very small amount of research would have told u guys this just reversed split 1-5, why own a stock if you cant google search something as simple as that.
ya. I don't get it either how little people know about their investments.
Only reason I chose to sell
Why is not showing as top loser?