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Now they are using AI as an excuse to trim 8K jobs. Unfortunately, IBM is a shell of the company it was. Sell sell sell, get your money out when you can.
IBM is FINISHED as a company, sell your stock and move on. They are done.
1st Qtr troubles brewing, sell sell sell
Strong Sell
Strong Sell
Good call, dropping like a stone in after hours
Overvalued pile of garbage
this is why we cant have nice things. IBM is setup for a strong future and we just had a great earnings report and you people sold away all our gains in one day.
sure McLovin
A good stable stock. Those complaining here are just gambling on day to day basis. It gave 3$ dividend and emerged out of covid
This dog is just for Index manipulation. does anyone remember ever buying IBM product iN life
what is the forecast for IBM to buy next considering this has gone up today ?
is it still good to buy at 155 ?
no stop chasing... when has it ever been that extended and kept running? wait and buy at 140 or a more attractive level
140 looks good for long term
I wish I hadn't bought at 165. very attractive now!
Good buy at 145?