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likely hit $100? crossing fingers
man someone is pumping these bank stocks like no tomorrow
hola soy nueva en esto me aconsejan que invierta en JPMorgan Chase & Co
JPM I like your fx prediction
careful in August, all my opinion only, Good Luck what evr ur venue.
2.25 up or 1.47 down~Jamie needs to come out of retirement, all I have to say!
if JPM took a lil risk and invested in some junior silver plays in Canada  like  dsv with a billion ounces of silver in ground, heck they could make alot of coin my opinion only
JPM could finance the mine build to production and finish off in  multi $'s this is a no brainer my opinion only.Good Luck
everything is garbage except tech.
100+ After earnings.JP and CITI make a lot of money from volatility trading.
Hold if u have wait if u dont
why is this stock going up pre-market when they completely missed their earning and EPS
Its already priced in
not sure
Whats the good price for this?