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Buy now 63.9
Buy) Go, go, go Nova Scotia! I'm not afraid to take even for 67 cad.
Such a juicy dividend. This stock is an absolute bargain right now! BUY!
Ethereum is way better
10% of portfolio
5 stocks at least?
That dividend is juicyyyy
why BNS drop
recession there is going to be more crashes
when others are fearful you buy!
I took some profit and, for now, I’m in no hurry to buy back in.
I took some profit and, for now, I’m in no hurry to buy back in.
I think it would move up.Buy now.
Buy now.
Buy now.
should start to move soon after the interest rate hike
is it good to buy now? mb down?
is it good to buy now?
Any Canadian Bank is a good Buy and Hold
thank you
So undervalued right now, BUY!!!!
so I missed the dip, is it still a good time to buy?? which one woulf you buy out of the big 5 ?
Who else loaded up back at $55
59$ :)
How do tou get started on this
Get started on what?
you buy
what a steal
what do you mean
We are heading into a second covid tidal wave. Well it is true the stock market is not the economy the banks certainly are. I am staying out for now, at least the banks.
buy when people are fearful sell when people are greedy
People are always GREEDY!!!
Great buying opportunity
Barclays has downgraded Scotiabank to Underweight, from Overweight and lowered its one year price target to $53, from $59. Strong sell fast
What was the reason behind the downgrade?
This stock is poised to absolutely skyrocket within the next 6 months. Dividend is solid, wasn't cut during the great depression and the bank has no intentions of cutting it now. Safe haven!