S&P 500 Futures - Jun 22

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    3,863.00 - 3,933.25
  • Type:Index Future
  • Underlying:S&P 500

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  • When media is not reporting the mortality rate of Omicron, todays large red candle seems overreaction! With over 40 mutations out of which over 30 in spike protein itself, this variant would be expected to have significant difference in death rates ! If no one has died of this variant till now, then it may be time to consider that its mortality rate may have  swung to the other side of the scale !  Also, with FED Money Monkeys still working overtime, the bears may want to take caution
    • yeah but if you don’t fight inflationary bubbles then will just get worse down the road, I guess the world got to complacent with to low inflation and cheap goods and doesn’t know how to react ! Just don’t want to see a freefall of assets like Turkey
    •  ,, lol,, FED heard you ! FED talking down inflation by saying the word 'Taper' and down goes every market in the hole ! Virus is no longer the issue ! Question is, will the FED crawl back with 'sorry sorry ,, I did not mean it' ,,, or will they show some guts like China is showing (in their real estate)
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