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Bitcoin Mar 17, 2023 10:04
Hows your short working out Suka?
Bitcoin Mar 12, 2023 21:34
Crazy to short right now
Bitcoin Mar 03, 2023 7:53
Big short squeeze coming?
Bitcoin Mar 03, 2023 7:51
People were being handed out free money in those days, threw it all in bitcoin
Stronghold Digital Mining Feb 24, 2023 10:01
18 million market cap, this is dirt cheap, buying more
Bitcoin Feb 17, 2023 14:15
Its orchestrated bud, uneployment basically nil, revenue still super high, just fat cat companies that need to slim down a bit. If they opened supply chains, there would be no reason to raise interest rates period.
Bitcoin Feb 17, 2023 14:12
Thumbs down? ok 26k haha
BetaPro Natural Gas 2x Daily Bull Feb 17, 2023 13:25
Im sure they’ll get it to $1.50 before consolidation. Wow the intuition these guys have to know it would dropping………hmmmmm
Bitcoin Feb 17, 2023 12:55
25k market close?
Bitcoin Feb 17, 2023 10:20
Back over 24k, hopefully see 26k by months end, wiped out huge short positions the last couple days
Bitcoin Feb 16, 2023 22:43
the younger generations find gold blah, will be less attractive over timethe younger generations find gold blah, will be less attractive over time
Bitcoin Feb 16, 2023 22:40
big runup first, shorts trapped hoping for 11kbig runup first, shorts trapped hoping for 11k
Bitcoin Feb 16, 2023 22:38
Not likely, shorts smart to liquidate. No point in fighting the momentum, just a waste of energy and a likely loss in $
Natural Gas Feb 12, 2023 14:11
Yep a big set up for bears, this where it turns, just like the when it went bearish before the winter cyclone in late December and trapped bulls. Bullish from now on
Bitcoin Feb 11, 2023 19:53
I think we have time for another run, but could be wrong. Grabbed WULF, more risky than HUT haha
Crypto Trader States That BTC Will Drop Below $20K This Month Feb 11, 2023 9:17
The pop in January was just a lure to get more people trapped in the market when the planned recession comes.
Natural Gas Feb 10, 2023 15:13
$2.56 then $2.95, tables have turned, HND will tank
Fed’s Waller to crypto buyers: Don’t be surprised if the price goes to zero Feb 10, 2023 14:51
Is there no editing anymore?? $12,700? Should that not be $21,700? Probably done on purpose to try to instill panic. Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere.
Natural Gas Feb 10, 2023 14:33
Wrong, bear trap starts now
Natural Gas Feb 10, 2023 14:31
Now comes the bear trap, a month of warm weather on the way, logically it should drop, but it will go higher.
Crude Oil WTI Feb 10, 2023 10:32
Russia…..the inflation pawn, smoke and mirrors
Bitcoin Feb 08, 2023 22:08
Drpping hard
Natural Gas Feb 05, 2023 23:55
I think that party is losing steam PT
Bitcoin Feb 05, 2023 23:53
Doesn’t look like it will
Natural Gas Feb 05, 2023 12:20
$10 was fabricated, but so will $2 be