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Jeffrey Halley
Gold Soars As Oil Is Sent To The Corner By Jeffrey Halley - Aug 17, 2017

Concerning price action with oil falling on very bullish inventories as Trump and the FOMC indirectly boost gold. The official U.S. Crude Inventories delivered last night, announcing a monster ...

Olimpiu Tuns
Gold: Bounce Or Break? By Olimpiu Tuns - Aug 17, 2017

Gold Rebounded On FOMC Minutes Gold rallied aggressively after the FOMC Meeting Minutes were release and now tries to take out a strong horizontal resistance. Price increased as the USD was punished ...

Ellen Wald
What To Expect From Oil As Summer Demand Fades By Ellen Wald - Aug 16, 2017

Twice a year, U.S. refineries switch production from summer gasoline blends to winter blends, and vice versa. (California is an exception with more than two different grades). The switch to winter ...

Arkadiusz Sieron
Volatility In Gold Declines By Arkadiusz Sieron - Aug 09, 2017

Volatility in gold has been decreasing recently. What does it mean for the gold market? While Bitcoin is prone to wild swings, gold’s volatility remained muted (which may, by the way, explain ...

Candy Matheson
$65.00 In Store For Crude Oil? By Candy Matheson - Jul 31, 2017 1

My WAG: IF price can rally and hold above 55.00, we could see a retest of 65.00 in short order...a pop and hold above 50.00 is, however, the first order of the day -- see the Monthly chart below of ...

Ellen Wald
Can OPEC Stabilize The Oil Market? By Ellen Wald - Jul 26, 2017

On Monday July 24, the members of OPEC's technical committee met in St. Petersburg, Russia, to assess continued compliance with the OPEC and non-OPEC partnership deal. This meeting was particularly ...

Matthew Ashley
Gold’s Downside Risks Increasing By Matthew Ashley - Jul 19, 2017

Key Points: Despite recent bullishness, gold should reverse rather shortly. The ongoing ABC wave is likely to enter its final stages. Losses should not extend past the 1180.05 handle Gold prices ...

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