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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BetaPro Crude Oil 2x Daily BearHOD4.03-4.05%3.46M24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX 60XIU24.10-0.21%2.76M24/09 
 BetaPro Crude Oil 2x Daily BullHOU12.21+4.09%2.02M24/09 
 BetaPro S&P 500 2x Daily BearHSD3.62+0.56%1.09M24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped EnergyXEG12.32+2.33%986.44K24/09 
 BetaPro Natural Gas 2x Daily BullHNU4.27+4.15%808.86K24/09 
 Horizons Medical Marijuana Life SciencesHMMJ24.67-1.08%792.62K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Global GoldXGD9.85+0.82%682.62K24/09 
 BetaPro Canadian Gold Miners 2x Daily BullHGU7.69+1.59%571.35K24/09 
 BetaPro Natural Gas 2x Daily BearHND11.51-3.92%521.79K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX 60 2x Daily BullHXU37.12-0.32%425.74K24/09 
 Horizons S&P/TSX 60HXT34.17-0.26%345.44K24/09 
 Horizons US Dollar CurrencyDLRu10.010.00%315.02K24/09 
 iShares Core S&P 500 (CAD Hedged)XSP32.96-0.42%292.18K24/09 
 BetaPro Canadian Gold Miners 2x Daily BearHGD13.300-1.77%281.79K24/09 
 Horizons US Dollar CurrencyDLR12.97+0.23%273.21K24/09 
 iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped CompositeXIC25.66-0.06%236.97K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX 60 2x Daily BearHXD5.51+0.55%176.98K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped FinancialsXFN38.83-0.05%130.27K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short Term FuturesHUV4.68-0.43%113.54K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income Common CFIE7.47-0.13%111.79K24/09 
 Horizons Active Floating Rate BondHFR10.01-0.05%101.42K24/09 
 BMO SP 500ZSP41.69-0.05%94.86K24/09 
 Vanguard Growth PortfolioVGRO25.24-0.18%90.78K24/09 
 BMO Short Corporate BondZCS13.93-0.07%83.03K24/09 
 Mackenzie Floating Rate IncomeMFT21.46-0.42%71.90K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Canada All CapVCN33.05-0.06%67.20K24/09 
 BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered CallZWC19.20-0.26%63.51K24/09 
 Vanguard US Total MarketVUN52.99-0.11%63.27K24/09 
 BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight BanksZEB30.58-0.07%63.06K24/09 
 Mackenzie Floating Rate IncomeMFT21.45+0.12%59.24K24/09 
 Vanguard Balanced PortfolioVBAL25.14-0.16%58.27K24/09 
 BMO Covered Call UtilitiesZWU12.62-0.67%57.34K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped REITXRE17.87-0.22%56.21K24/09 
 Horizons Active Preferred Share CommonClassHPR9.63-0.16%50.88K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Short Term BondXSB27.04+0.04%49.98K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Select DividendXDV24.49-0.53%49.93K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging MarketsVEE32.14-1.05%48.75K24/09 
 iShares Core MSCI AC World ex CanadXAW26.35-0.19%47.84K24/09 
 iShares Core MSCI EMXEC26.00-0.80%47.49K24/09 
 BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered CallZWC19.20-0.26%45.90K24/09 
 Vanguard Canadian Aggregate BondVAB24.57-0.12%45.57K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Common ClCPD14.150.00%44.45K24/09 
 BMO Aggregate BondZAG15.12-0.20%43.92K24/09 
 BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Oil & GasZEO10.48+1.95%43.81K24/09 
 BMO Junior GoldZJG6.93+0.58%41.22K24/09 
 RBC Canadian Preferred ShareRPF24.080.00%40.45K24/09 
 iShares 1-5Yr Laddered Corporate Bond Common ClassCBO18.190.00%40.13K24/09 
 iShares Core SP US Tot MarketXUU29.21-0.07%39.41K24/09 
 BetaPro NASDAQ-100 2x Daily BearHQD6.20-0.48%39.11K24/09 
 BMO Low Volatility Canadian EquityZLB30.16-0.46%38.71K24/09 
 BMO S&P/TSX Capped CompositeZCN22.000.00%38.50K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Canadian High DividenVDY34.00-0.23%38.31K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P 500 2x Daily BullHSU59.73-0.45%37.00K24/09 
 BMO Covered Call Canadian BanksZWB19.92-0.08%34.35K24/09 
 Vanguard SP 500 CAVFV67.36-0.06%34.09K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Universe BondXBB30.09-0.13%33.47K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap exVIU28.53-0.24%32.32K24/09 
 BMO Laddered Preferred ShareZPR11.690.00%31.37K24/09 
 iShares Jantzi SocialXEN25.67-0.08%30.08K24/09 
 BMO NASDAQ 100 Equity (CAD Hedged)ZQQ57.31+0.35%30.02K24/09 
 BMO Europe High Dividend Covered CaZWE21.20+0.76%29.46K24/09 
 iShares NASDAQ 100 (CAD Hedged)XQQ61.46+0.38%29.16K24/09 
 iShares Core S&P 500XUS47.33-0.06%26.43K24/09 
 Sphere FTSE Europe Sustainable YieldSHE11.01-0.54%25.80K24/09 
 Vanguard SP 500 CAD hedgedVSP51.25-0.18%25.56K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev All Cap Ex USVDU35.50-0.20%24.62K24/09 
 BMO Equal Weight REITsZRE22.42-0.09%24.37K24/09 
 iShares MSCI WorldXWD51.76-0.12%24.37K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped Information TechnologyXIT19.83-0.10%23.76K24/09 
 iShares Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco Common ClassCEW12.97-0.23%23.12K24/09 
 PowerShares Low VolatilityPLV22.10-0.27%23.06K24/09 
 BMO Equal Weight US Banks (CAD Hedged)ZUB30.68-1.19%22.96K24/09 
 iShares 1-5Yr Laddered Government Bond Common ClasCLF17.62-0.06%22.91K24/09 
 BMO Equal Weight US BanksZBK28.42-0.84%22.24K24/09 
 Vanguard US Aggregate Bond CAD HedgVBU23.98-0.04%22.13K24/09 
 iShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI CAXEF30.81-0.29%22.05K24/09 
 iShares US Small Cap (CAD Hedged)XSU36.05-0.41%22.01K24/09 
 BetaPro NASDAQ-100 2x Daily BullHQU73.32+0.65%21.74K24/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active Preferred SharesDXP22.00-0.23%20.88K24/09 
 iShares Floating RateXFR20.150.00%20.82K24/09 
 iShares Diversified Monthly IncomeXTR11.09-0.36%20.14K24/09 
 BMO China EquityZCH24.38-1.53%19.88K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Canada Momentum Common ClaWXM18.43+0.66%19.56K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped MaterialsXMA12.18-0.65%19.46K24/09 
 BetaPro Silver 2x Daily BullHZU9.84-0.10%19.36K24/09 
 Vanguard US Total Market (CAD Hedged)VUS57.74-0.28%18.96K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap ex CanVXC37.65-0.21%18.42K24/09 
 First Asset Tech Giants CC ComTXF17.40+0.52%17.71K24/09 
 iShares S&P TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats CommCDZ26.36-0.34%17.50K24/09 
 Vanguard Canadian Short Term CorporVSC23.88-0.13%16.23K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Fundamental CCRQ16.07+0.12%16.00K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap Ex USVEF41.42-0.34%15.19K24/09 
 BMO Equal Weight US Health Care (CAD Hedged)ZUH56.30+0.57%14.54K24/09 
 iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsXEM31.03-0.80%14.49K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX Capped Energy 2x Daily BullHEU9.68+4.65%14.30K24/09 
 iShares Japan Fundamental Hedged CCJP16.43-0.42%14.20K24/09 
 Vanguard Canadian Short Term BondVSB23.520.00%14.14K24/09 
 BMO India EquityZID24.19-1.47%14.11K24/09 
 PowerShares QQQ CAD HedgedQQCf65.08+0.31%14.05K24/09 
 iShares Core S&P/TSX Composite High DividendXEI20.96-0.19%13.99K24/09 
 Horizons Active High Yield Bond CommonClassHYI9.84+0.31%13.97K24/09 
 BMO US High Dividend CCZWH21.07-0.33%13.80K24/09 
 iShares MSCI EAFE (CAD Hedged)XIN26.45-0.38%13.73K24/09 
 PowerShares Canadian DividendPDC26.55-0.41%13.43K24/09 
 iShares Gold Bullion (CAD Hedged)CGL10.21+0.10%13.18K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Real Return BondXRB23.95-0.21%13.00K24/09 
 First Asset US and Canada Lifeco InFLI12.11-0.98%12.98K24/09 
 Horizons Emerging Marijuana GrowersHMJR9.11+0.89%12.17K24/09 
 Lysander Slater ActivePR10.490.00%12.10K24/09 
 BMO Long Federal BondZFL16.69-0.30%11.97K24/09 
 PIMCO Monthly Income FundPMIF19.44+0.05%11.95K24/09 
 iShares Core Canadian Long Term BondXLB22.94-0.22%11.77K24/09 
 iShares Core Canadian Short Term Corporate + MapleXSH18.84-0.05%11.73K24/09 
 Vanguard Global Momentum FactorVMO35.300.00%11.24K24/09 
 Horizons Seasonal RotationHAC20.27+0.15%11.20K24/09 
 BMO US DividendZDY32.06-0.65%11.19K24/09 
 Horizons Act Floating Rate Pref ComHFP9.790.00%11.15K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE CanadaVCE34.51-0.12%11.10K24/09 
 BMO MSCI EAFE (CAD Hedged)ZDM21.88-0.45%11.05K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe AllVE29.19-0.44%10.84K24/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income Financials Common ClassHEF8.86-0.23%10.70K24/09 
 BMO Dow Jones Industrial Average (CAD Hedged)ZDJ44.91-0.66%10.42K24/09 
 BMO Discount BondZDB15.43+0.13%10.16K24/09 
 BMO SP TSX Equal Weight Global GldZGD7.48+0.27%9.90K24/09 
 PowerShares S&P/TSX Composite Low VolatilityTLV27.97-0.53%9.80K24/09 
 RBC Canadian Bank YieldRBNK21.11-0.24%9.50K24/09 
 BMO Low Volatility US EquityZLU33.32-0.80%9.49K24/09 
 BMO Mid Corporate BondZCM15.720.00%9.18K24/09 
 BMO MSCI EAFEZEA18.92-0.16%9.16K24/09 
 Evolve MarijuanaSEED24.50+1.03%9.07K24/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World DeveloMWD24.35-0.25%8.99K24/09 
 PowerShares 1-5Yr Laddered Investment Grade CorporPSB17.79-0.17%8.75K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pac AlVA34.81-0.34%8.67K24/09 
 iShares US Fundamental Hedged CCLU35.08-0.68%8.64K24/09 
 BMO Equal Weight UtilitiesZUT15.87-0.81%8.49K24/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification EMMEE23.24-1.69%8.31K24/09 
 BMO Floating Rate High YieldZFH15.46-0.19%8.29K24/09 
 iShares US Dividend Growers (CAD Hedged) Common ClCUD42.88-0.97%8.28K24/09 
 Vanguard Global ex US Aggregate BonVBG26.47-0.15%8.12K24/09 
 Horizons US 7-10 Year Treasury BondHTBu39.47-0.10%8.10K24/09 
 BMO Canadian DividendZDV17.05-0.41%8.09K24/09 
 First Asset Canadian Convertible Bond Common ClassCXF9.750.00%8.06K24/09 
 BMO SP 500 USDZSPu32.27-0.37%8.03K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Government BondXGB20.900.00%7.74K24/09 
 BMO International Dividend CAD HedgZDH22.53-0.31%7.74K24/09 
 iShares US High Yield Fixed Income (CAD Hedged) CoCHB18.44-0.43%7.66K24/09 
 Vanguard Conservative PortfolioVCNS25.05-0.16%7.65K24/09 
 iShares Canadian HYBrid Corporate BondXHB20.08-0.20%7.48K24/09 
 First Asset CanBanc IncomeCIC12.32-0.16%7.42K24/09 
 Mackenzie Unconstrained BondMUB20.63+0.05%7.30K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped UtilitiesXUT20.78-0.95%7.07K24/09 
 Blockchain TechnologiesHBLK7.38-1.34%6.96K24/09 
 Vanguard US Div AppreciatVGG49.250-0.48%6.96K24/09 
 First Asset Energy Giants CC AdvisoNXFb9.36+1.96%6.96K24/09 
 iShares Canadian Corporate BondXCB20.61-0.10%6.93K24/09 
 iShares Short Duration High Income CommonCSD17.63-0.06%6.92K24/09 
 Sprott Physical GoldPHYS12.46+0.32%6.86K24/09 
 BMO MSCI USA High QualityZUQ35.65+0.03%6.67K24/09 
 Marijuana OpportunitiesMJJ29.90-1.81%6.66K24/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification USMUS27.08-0.44%6.30K24/09 
 Sprott Physical GoldPHYSu9.64+0.52%6.30K24/09 
 Horizons S&P 500HXS71.59-0.15%6.21K24/09 
 Horizons Natural Gas Yield Common ClassHNY11.08+1.47%6.21K24/09 
 First Asset Enhanced Short Duration BondFSB9.880.00%6.18K24/09 
 Horizons Crude OilHUC15.50+2.24%6.17K24/09 
 iShares Balanced Income CorePortfolio Common ClassCBD22.03-0.50%6.05K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX CompletionXMD25.70+0.39%5.95K24/09 
 iShares SP US Mid CapXMC20.21-0.44%5.92K24/09 
 PowerShares 1 3 Year Laddered FloatPFL19.940.00%5.85K24/09 
 Horizons Actv Floating Rate Sen EHSL9.730.00%5.80K24/09 
 RBC Quant US Dividend Leaders CADRUDH27.41-0.98%5.75K24/09 
 iShares Conservative Strategic FixeXSE19.43-0.10%5.65K24/09 
 iShares MSCI Europe IMI CAD HedgedXEH24.81-0.76%5.61K24/09 
 BMO S&P 500 (CAD Hedged)ZUE44.05-0.34%5.59K24/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers Common ClaHEP20.25+1.45%5.54K24/09 
 BMO MSCI Europe High Quality CAD HeZEQ20.47-0.63%5.51K24/09 
 Horizons Global Currency OpportunitiesHGC10.46+0.29%5.40K24/09 
 RBC Quant EAFE Dividend LeadersRID23.93-0.54%5.40K24/09 
 iShares Silver Bullion CAD HedgedSVR7.73-0.51%5.34K24/09 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Canadian FundamentalPXC27.550.00%5.29K24/09 
 BMO MSCI Emerging MarketsZEM19.41-1.02%5.28K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Canada Value Common ClassFXM14.78-0.14%5.22K24/09 
 Horizons Marijuana Life SciencesHMMJu19.03-1.35%5.21K24/09 
 First Asset Energy Giants CommonNXF8.57+1.42%5.21K24/09 
 BMO Long Corporate BondZLC17.85-0.11%5.19K24/09 
 Purpose Premium YieldPYF19.19-0.16%5.10K24/09 
 First Asset US TrendleadersSID24.56+0.24%4.99K24/09 
 BMO Global CommunicationsCOMM21.68+0.14%4.80K24/09 
 BMO Mid Federal BondZFM15.62+0.00%4.70K24/09 
 PowerShares Senior Loan (CAD Hedged)BKLf18.95+0.11%4.70K24/09 
 iShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI CAD HdgXFH23.23-0.51%4.41K24/09 
 Horizons SP TSX Capped FinancialsHXF43.21-0.23%4.30K24/09 
 Sprott Physical SilverPSLV6.76+0.90%4.28K24/09 
 iShares Global Monthly Dividend (CAD Hedged) CommoCYH20.25-0.74%4.26K24/09 
 TD S&P 500 CAD HedgedTHU20.97-0.33%4.24K24/09 
 RBC Quant EAFE Dividend Leaders USDRIDu18.46-0.75%4.20K24/09 
 iShares US High Yield Bond (CAD Hedged)XHY19.23-0.16%4.11K24/09 
 iShares Core High Qual Canadian ComXQB19.95-0.20%3.99K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Canadian Capped REITVRE33.00+0.03%3.96K24/09 
 BMO Global InfrastructureZGI34.95-0.94%3.91K24/09 
 Canadian Crude OilCCX9.90+3.13%3.90K24/09 
 Hamilton Capital Global Bank UnitsHBG22.19-0.80%3.77K24/09 
 iShares 1-10Yr Laddered Government Bond Common ClaCLG18.030.00%3.73K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Intl Momentum CAD Hedged CZXM29.26-0.31%3.73K24/09 
 RBC Quant EU Div Leaders CAD HedgedRPDH22.96-0.30%3.71K24/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income Energy Common ClassHEE11.30+2.26%3.69K24/09 
 Vanguard US Div Appreciat CAD HdgVGH38.95-0.71%3.66K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX Capped Energy 2x Daily BearHED7.64-4.98%3.65K24/09 
 BMO Europe High Dividend Covered CallZWP19.53-0.10%3.63K24/09 
 BMO Mid-Term US Treasury BondZTM47.59-0.19%3.58K24/09 
 BMO SP TSX Equal Weight IndustrialZIN29.47-0.41%3.58K24/09 
 First Trust Senior Loan CommonFSL19.25+0.31%3.50K24/09 
 Horizons CDN Select Universe BondHBB44.32-0.11%3.49K24/09 
 PowerShares DWA Global MomentumDWG25.65-0.04%3.44K24/09 
 Sprott Physical SilverPSLVu5.20-0.38%3.25K24/09 
 BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Global Base Metals (CAD HZMT10.67-2.11%3.22K24/09 
 Horizons Active EM DivHAJ13.19-1.27%3.20K24/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active Preferred SharesDXP22.04-0.05%3.20K24/09 
 BMO Emerging Markets Bond (CAD Hedged)ZEF15.30-0.33%3.18K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Small CapXCS15.85-0.06%3.15K24/09 
 BMO Global Insurance HedgedINSR22.83-0.09%3.10K24/09 
 BMO Mid Term US IG Corp Bond HdgZMU14.20+0.21%3.07K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Global Base MetalsXBM12.94-2.19%3.03K24/09 
 iShares Convertible Bond Common ClassCVD18.47-0.22%2.98K24/09 
 Horizons Active Corporate Bond Common ClassHAB10.510.00%2.97K24/09 
 iShares Short Term Strategic FixedXSI18.77-0.11%2.90K24/09 
 iShares Premium Money Market Common ClassCMR50.000.00%2.81K24/09 
 BMO US Dividend CAD HedgedZUD24.99-0.83%2.80K24/09 
 BetaPro Gold Bullion 2x Daily BullHBU6.90+0.88%2.72K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar US Value CAD Hedged CommonXXM13.44-1.54%2.70K24/09 
 Harvest Global Resource LeadersHRES17.71-0.56%2.60K24/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World DM ex MXU22.32+0.04%2.55K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar National Bank Quebec CommoQXM20.46-0.53%2.45K24/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active U.S. DividendDXU29.36+0.41%2.42K24/09 
 AGFiQ Enhanced Global InfrastructureQIF25.98-1.40%2.40K24/09 
 BetaPro Gold Bullion 2x Daily BearHBD16.45-0.84%2.40K24/09 
 BMO Short Term US IG Corp Bond HdgZSU14.39+0.14%2.40K24/09 
 Horizons Gold Yield Common ClassHGY4.50+0.22%2.32K24/09 
 First Asset Active Util and Infr CoFAI10.540.00%2.30K24/09 
 First Asset Preferred ShareFPR22.58-0.09%2.30K24/09 
 iShares SP US Mid Cap CAD HedgedXMH19.91-0.99%2.29K24/09 
 RBC Canadian Preferred ShareRPF24.08+0.21%2.28K24/09 
 iShares International Fundamental CCIE20.30-0.83%2.24K24/09 
 iShares Core SP US Total MarketXUH27.28-0.58%2.18K24/09 
 BMO Long Provincial BondZPL15.22-0.13%2.17K24/09 
 iShares Global Healthcare (CAD Hedged)XHC49.24-0.22%2.13K24/09 
 BMO International Dividend UnitsZDI21.79-0.05%2.01K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX 60 Daily InverseHIX6.04+0.50%2.00K24/09 
 iShares US IG Corporate Bond (CAD Hedged)XIG22.12-0.27%1.96K24/09 
 One Global EquityONEQ25.62-0.52%1.96K24/09 
 Purpose International DividendPID21.51-0.32%1.91K24/09 
 iShares ChinaXCH26.64-1.00%1.90K24/09 
 Horizons Balanced Tri ETF PortfolioHBAL10.13-0.30%1.88K24/09 
 BMO Shiller Select USZEUS23.11-0.60%1.85K24/09 
 iShares MSCI Europe IMIXEU24.25+0.08%1.84K24/09 
 TD S&P 500TPU21.20-0.14%1.83K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar US Momentum CommonYXMb20.00+0.10%1.80K24/09 
 Hamilton Capital Global Financials YieldHFY16.65-0.54%1.80K24/09 
 PowerShares Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond PFHf19.84+0.10%1.77K24/09 
 Purpose High Interest SavingsPSA50.070+0.02%1.74K24/09 
 iShares Global Real Estate Common ClassCGR28.00-1.34%1.74K24/09 
 iShares Global Water Common ClassCWW34.18-0.93%1.72K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped Consumer StaplesXST53.93-0.42%1.71K24/09 
 RBC 1 5 Year Laddered Corp BondRBO18.74-0.11%1.71K24/09 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI US Fundamental (CAD Hedged)PXUf41.11-0.53%1.70K24/09 
 Horizons Canadian Midstream Oil GasHOG9.00+0.56%1.70K24/09 
 Mackenzie Core Plus Global FixedMGB19.34-0.21%1.70K24/09 
 Horizons S&P/TSX 60HXTu26.41-0.53%1.70K24/09 
 Horizons Active Global Dividend Common ClassHAZ21.43+0.05%1.68K24/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income International Equity CommHEJ6.29-0.79%1.62K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USAXMU50.03-0.56%1.57K24/09 
 Redwood Canadian Preferred ShareRPS25.08-0.12%1.56K24/09 
 Horizons Natural GasHUN5.89+1.73%1.54K24/09 
 Horizons GoldHUG10.75+0.09%1.53K24/09 
 Vanguard Global Minimum VolatilityVVO31.85-0.47%1.52K24/09 
 PowerShares SP Emerging Markets LoELV20.07+0.65%1.51K24/09 
 iShares JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond (CAD HXEB20.04+0.05%1.46K24/09 
 Mackenzie Global High Yield Fixed IncomeMHYB19.47-0.36%1.44K24/09 
 iShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock (CAXPF17.99-0.06%1.43K24/09 
 RBC Quant EU Div Leaders USDRPDu17.97-0.22%1.40K24/09 
 iShares Global Agriculture Common ClassCOW39.41-0.73%1.40K24/09 
 BMO Short Provincial BondZPS13.210.00%1.39K24/09 
 iShares Gold Bullion (Non Hedged)CGLc13.54+0.30%1.32K24/09 
 iShares EM Fundamental Fund CCWO35.22-0.25%1.31K24/09 
 Horizons Actv CDN Muni Bnd EHMP9.70+0.10%1.31K24/09 
 Purpose Total Return BondPBD18.55+0.05%1.30K24/09 
 RBC Quant Global Infrastructure LeadersRIG19.17-0.31%1.26K24/09 
 RBC Quant Canadian Dividend LeadersRCD20.58-0.15%1.23K24/09 
 Horizons Inovestor Canadian EquityINOC10.32-0.86%1.21K24/09 
 iShares SP Global Consumer DiscretXCD37.58-1.65%1.21K24/09 
 BMO US Preferred ShareZUP24.46+0.37%1.21K24/09 
 BMO US Preferred ShareZUP24.46+0.53%1.20K24/09 
 BMO Real Return BondZRR17.160.00%1.20K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Emerging Markets UnitsXMM27.61-0.68%1.19K24/09 
 iShares IndiaXID33.96-2.53%1.18K24/09 
 iShares MSCI All Country World MiniXMW40.49-0.15%1.18K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX Capped Financials 2x Daily BearHFD4.73+0.42%1.18K24/09 
 Vanguard Global Value FactorVVL36.10-0.41%1.16K24/09 
 iShares US High Dividend Equity (CAD Hedged)XHD29.31-0.68%1.15K24/09 
 PowerShares Tactical BondPTB18.240.00%1.10K24/09 
 Horizons S&P/TSX 60 Equal WeightHEW14.37+2.13%1.10K24/09 
 Sphere FTSE EM YieldSHZ10.47+0.29%1.09K24/09 
 First Asset MSCI US Low Risk ComRWU15.77-1.19%1.07K24/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US FinancialFHF30.10-0.92%1.06K24/09 
 Horizons US 7-10 Year Treasury BondHTB51.07+0.08%1.05K24/09 
 Horizons Canadian High DividendHXH31.92+0.25%1.03K24/09 
 Horizons Active US Floating Rate Bond Common ClassHUF13.09-0.15%1.00K24/09 
 Horizons Active US Dividend Class EHAU12.76+0.55%1.00K24/09 
 Healthcare Leaders Income Units Class UHHLu8.68+0.00%1.00K24/09 
 BMO Junior GasZJN17.71+1.14%1.00K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol EAFE UnitsXMI36.12-0.25%0.99K24/09 
 BMO Long-Term US Treasury BondZTL47.66+0.51%0.99K24/09 
 BMO Short-Term US Treasury BondZTS48.22+0.12%0.99K24/09 
 Horizons Robotics and AutomationRBOT24.14-0.17%0.96K24/09 
 iShares Silver BullionSVRc7.36+0.27%0.94K24/09 
 First Asset European BankFHB8.58-1.04%0.94K24/09 
 BMO Low Vol Int EqZLI24.34-0.08%0.94K24/09 
 WisdomTree U.S. Quality Dividend GrowthDGR27.32+0.44%0.93K24/09 
 BMO High Yield US Corporate Bond (CAD Hedged)ZHY13.90-0.07%0.92K24/09 
 BMO Junior OilZJO14.40+2.93%0.92K24/09 
 First Asset Short Term Government BFGB18.72-0.05%0.90K24/09 
 Hamilton Capital Global Financials YieldHFY16.66-0.18%0.90K24/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US TechnologyFHQ40.25+0.45%0.88K24/09 
 BMO Covered Call Dow Jones Industrial Average(CAD ZWA24.15-0.45%0.87K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev All Cap ex Nor AmVI29.07-0.38%0.85K24/09 
 BMO MSCI All Country World High QuaZGQ32.18-0.19%0.84K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor USA UnitsXFS28.14-0.42%0.84K24/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income US Equity Common ClassHEAu12.32+0.08%0.83K24/09 
 RBC Quant EU Div LeadersRPD23.260.00%0.81K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe All CapVEH29.35-0.31%0.81K24/09 
 iShares Canadian ValueXCV26.65-0.19%0.80K24/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active Global Fincl ServicesDXF23.82+0.29%0.80K24/09 
 PowerShares Canadian Preferred SharePPS16.510.00%0.79K24/09 
 Horizons SilverHUZ7.75+0.13%0.79K24/09 
 Purpose Diversified Real AssetPRA18.97-0.52%0.76K24/09 
 First Asset Can-Materials Covered Call Common ClasMXF11.85-0.67%0.75K24/09 
 BetaPro S&P TSX Capped Financials 2x Daily BullHFU41.14-0.39%0.75K24/09 
 Evolve Cyber Security HedgedCYBR27.16+0.15%0.74K24/09 
 BMO Global Consumer Staples HedgedSTPL19.97-0.25%0.74K24/09 
 RBC 1 5 Year Laddered Canadian BondRLB18.870.00%0.73K24/09 
 Mackenzie Core Plus Global FixedMGB19.35+0.05%0.72K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor CanadaXFC24.99+0.24%0.70K24/09 
 RBC Quant EAFE Dividend Leaders CADRIDH23.63-0.08%0.70K24/09 
 AGFiQ Enhanced Core Canadian EquityQCD26.43+0.08%0.70K24/09 
 RBC Quant US Dividend LeadersRUD34.59-0.75%0.70K24/09 
 BMO Mid Term US IG Corp Bond USDZICu14.04+0.65%0.70K24/09 
 iShares Global Infrastructure Common ClassCIF24.100.00%0.70K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Multi USA CAD HdgXFA28.95-0.62%0.64K24/09 
 iShares Conservative Short Term StrXSC19.40-0.21%0.64K24/09 
 Mackenzie International EquityQDX96.31+2.35%0.63K24/09 
 Horizons NASDAQ 100HXQ54.09-0.33%0.63K24/09 
 BMO US Put Write HedgedZPH19.30-0.16%0.60K24/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification All World DM ex MXU22.43+0.04%0.60K24/09 
 RBC Quant EAFE Equity Leaders CADRIEH21.19-0.75%0.60K24/09 
 Mackenzie US Large Cap EquityQUU107.86-0.43%0.60K24/09 
 Mackenzie US High Yield Bond Index ETF CAD-HedgedQHY97.04-0.17%0.60K24/09 
 BMO Ultra Short-Term BondZST51.20+0.02%0.60K24/09 
 iShares 1-10Yr Laddered Corporate Bond Common ClasCBH18.290.00%0.55K24/09 
 Horizons CDN InsiderHII12.37+0.08%0.54K24/09 
 BMO Monthly IncomeZMI16.06-0.19%0.54K24/09 
 RBC Quant EAFE Equity LeadersRIE22.85-0.26%0.53K24/09 
 Horizons EURO STOXX 50 Class AHXX30.94-0.19%0.52K24/09 
 TD S&P 500TPU21.15-0.56%0.50K24/09 
 Horizons Morningstar Hedge Fund Common ClassHHF14.74-0.07%0.50K24/09 
 Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity NonPHEb26.10-0.19%0.50K24/09 
 iShares Balanced Growth CorePortfolio Common ClassCBN21.42-0.19%0.46K24/09 
 Horizons SP TSX Capped EnergyHXE20.68+1.87%0.45K24/09 
 Purpose Core DividendPDF25.91-0.46%0.44K24/09 
 BMO Mid Term US IG Corp BondZIC17.68-0.11%0.44K24/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific All CapVAH31.96+1.27%0.43K24/09 
 RBC Quant Emerging Markets EquityRXE24.32+0.04%0.41K24/09 
 iShares Core MSCI Canadian Quality DividendXDIV20.60-0.15%0.41K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Intl Momentum CommonZXMb31.13-0.51%0.41K24/09 
 iShares Canadian GrowthXCG31.49-0.06%0.40K24/09 
 Horizons Active US Floating Rate Bond Common ClassHUFu10.12+0.00%0.40K24/09 
 Mackenzie Global Leadership ImpactMWMN32.90-0.27%0.36K24/09 
 iShares FactorSelect MSCI EAFE CADXFF25.46-0.55%0.35K24/09 
 BMO US Put WriteZPW18.17-0.16%0.35K24/09 
 First Asset Core Canadian EquityCSY20.83-0.86%0.34K24/09 
 BMO Mid Provincial BondZMP14.46-0.14%0.33K24/09 
 Horizons China High Dividend YieldHCN25.02-1.18%0.33K24/09 
 iShares US Fundamental CCLUc38.67-0.41%0.33K24/09 
 Purpose Multi Strategy Market NeutrPMM23.53+0.13%0.33K24/09 
 PowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility (CAD Hedged)ULVf38.50-1.05%0.32K24/09 
 BMO US Put Write USDZPWu18.69-0.32%0.31K24/09 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Global SmallPZW27.20-0.44%0.30K24/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active Global DividendDXG30.38+0.40%0.30K24/09 
 iShares SP Global Industrials CADXGI33.99-1.19%0.30K24/09 
 First Asset Canadian BuybackFBE24.45-0.33%0.30K24/09 
 RBC Target 2019 Corporate BondRQG18.89-0.42%0.30K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar US Dividend Target 50 (CADUXM14.88-1.00%0.30K24/09 
 BMO US High Dividend CC USDZWHu22.28-0.27%0.30K24/09 
 PIMCO Investment Grade Credit FundIGCF18.90-0.42%0.30K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Canada Dividend Target 30 DXM9.99-0.20%0.26K24/09 
 RBC U.S. Banks YieldRUBY20.500.00%0.25K24/09 
 iShares US High Dividend EquityXHU24.35+0.58%0.24K24/09 
 RBC Quant EM Div LeadersRXD20.23-1.08%0.24K24/09 
 Horizons Active Global Fixed Income Common ClassHAF7.95+0.00%0.22K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Intl Value CAD Hedged CommVXM26.29-0.90%0.21K24/09 
 Pure Multi-Family REITRUFu6.78+0.15%0.20K24/09 
 Horizons Active Cdn Dividend Common ClassHAL16.57-0.12%0.20K24/09 
 iShares Core Short Term High QualitXSQ19.09-0.10%0.20K24/09 
 BetaPro Silver 2x Daily BearHZD8.38-0.12%0.20K24/09 
 Mackenzie Canadian EquityQCN99.26+0.22%0.20K24/09 
 First Asset US BuybackFBU29.24-0.61%0.20K24/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US EnergyFHE15.15+1.34%0.20K24/09 
 RBC Target 2022 Corporate BondRQJ19.06-0.16%0.20K24/09 
 Horizons S&P 500HXSu55.36-0.36%0.18K24/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Developed MarketMEU22.85-0.35%0.16K24/09 
 Horizons Blockchain Technology & HardwareBKCH22.60+0.53%0.14K24/09 
 Horizons Intl Developed Markets EquityHXDM33.37-0.27%0.14K24/09 
 First Asset MSCI US Low Risk CADRWUb19.09+0.47%0.10K24/09 
 Horizons Managed Global OpportunitiHGM10.68-0.65%0.10K24/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA CAD HdgXMS25.54-0.16%0.10K24/09 
 First Asset Morningstar US Div 50 CUXMb16.49-0.90%0.10K24/09 
 Hamilton Capital U.S. Mid-Cap FinancialsHFMUu18.00-1.48%0.10K24/09 
 BMO US Dividend USDZDYu25.38-0.82%0.10K24/09 
 Harvest US Bank Leaders IncomeHUBLu18.45-0.81%0.10K24/09 
 US Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners GOGO8.88-0.56%0.10K24/09 
 First Asset MSCI CA Low Risk CommonRWC11.74-0.17%0.10K24/09 
 Horizons Active Cdn Bond Common ClassHAD9.71-0.31%0.10K24/09 
 Mackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed IncomeMKB19.80+0.25%0.10K24/09 
 Mackenzie China A Shares CSI 300QCH76.17+1.56%0.10K24/09 
 QuantShares Enhanced Core EMQEM28.36+0.04%0.10K24/09 
 BMO Short-Term US Treasury Bond USDZTLu48.900.00%017/09 
 PowerShares Global ShareholderPSY24.620.00%019/09 
 First Asset Cambridge Core US Equity HedgedFCY24.750.00%022/08 
 Purpose International Tactical HedgPHW19.950.00%020/09 
 Mackenzie International Equity CAD HedgedQDXH95.240.00%005/09 
 PowerShares LadderRite US 0 5 YrUSB22.03+0.00%021/09 
 Brand Leaders Plus Income Class UHBFu9.99+0.00%020/09 
 BMO US Put Write HedgedZPH19.300.00%020/09 
 First Trust Global Risk CommonETP19.08+0.00%018/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor EAFEXFI23.99+0.00%021/09 
 Evolve InnovationEDGE21.10+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset Cambridge Core US Equity UnhedgedFCYb23.140.00%016/05 
 Horizons Conservative Tri ETF PortfolioHCON10.06+0.00%020/09 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI US FundamPXS27.20+0.00%021/09 
 RBC U.S. Banks Yield CAD HedgedRUBH20.19+0.00%019/09 
 Hamilton Capital U.S. Mid-Cap FinancialsHFMU23.34+0.00%019/09 
 PowerShares Ultra Liquid Long Term Government BondPGL22.200.00%019/09 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Canadian SmalPZC19.91+0.00%012/09 
 Mackenzie Canadian Aggregate BondQBB99.26+0.00%013/09 
 Mackenzie US Large Cap Equity CAD HedgedQAH103.66+0.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Ivy Global EquityMIVG21.68+0.00%020/09 
 Mackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed IncomeMCSB19.930.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Canadian Short Term BondQSB99.470.00%028/08 
 Dynamic iShares Active Investment Grade Floating RDXV19.940.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie US Investment Grade Corporate Bond CAD HQUIG97.610.00%005/09 
 BMO Long-Term US Treasury Bond USDZTSu49.16+0.00%005/09 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI Global FundamPXG24.08+0.00%021/09 
 TD S&P/TSX Capped CompositeTTP18.20+0.00%018/09 
 Vanguard Canadian Long-Term BondVLB25.040.00%019/09 
 Vanguard Canadian Short-Term Government BondVSG24.150.00%018/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income US Equity Common ClassHEA15.98+0.00%020/09 
 TD International EquityTPE17.610.00%012/09 
 RBC Target 2023 Corporate BondRQK18.860.00%020/09 
 Sphere FTSE Canada Sustainable YieldSHC12.29+0.00%021/09 
 TD Canadian Aggregate BondTDB14.280.00%019/09 
 WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Growth VDQI23.730.00%005/09 
 WisdomTree US Quality Dividend Growth Non-HedgedDGRb27.32+0.00%021/09 
 RBC Vision Women's Leadership MSCI CanadaRLDR21.230.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Canadian All Corporate BondQCB98.700.00%017/09 
 Mackenzie U.S. TIPS Index CAD HgdQTIP96.800.00%020/09 
 BetaPro S&P 500 Daily InverseHIU25.600.00%021/09 
 AGFiQ Enhanced Global ESG FactorsQEF27.18+0.00%021/09 
 PowerShares S&P Global ex Canada High Dividend LowGHDf20.030.00%017/09 
 Redwood U.S. Preferred ShareRPUu17.850.00%020/09 
 Horizons Enhanced Income Equity Common ClassHEX6.83+0.00%021/09 
 RBC Quant Global Infrastructure LeadersRIG19.240.00%021/09 
 QuantShares MultiAsset AllocationQMA27.81+0.00%007/08 
 First Trust Shrt Dur High Yld AdvFSDa19.05+0.00%030/08 
 First Trust Shrt Dur High Yld ComFSD21.24+0.00%013/09 
 Horizons Canadian High DividendHXH31.84+0.00%021/09 
 First Trust Dorsey Wright US Sector Rotation HedgeFSR23.310.00%025/07 
 First Trust Canadian Capital Strength AFSTa29.160.00%031/08 
 First Asset European Bank CFHB8.64+0.00%020/09 
 First Asset US Equity Multi FactorFUM24.07+0.00%012/03 
 First Asset US Tactical Sector AllocationFUT23.990.00%017/09 
 Horizons NASDAQ 100HXQ54.47+0.00%020/09 
 First Trust Tactical BondFTB19.000.00%021/09 
 PowerShares S&P Global ex Canada High Dividend LowGHD20.080.00%017/09 
 Purpose US CashPSUu100.090.00%020/09 
 QuantShares Enhanced Core USQUS31.00+0.00%021/09 
 PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend Low VolatilityUHD20.13+0.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed IncomeMKB19.780.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Portfolio CompletionMPCF19.92+0.00%021/09 
 iShares MSCI Canada Minimum VolatilXMV28.76+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset Core US Equity HedgedCESu24.640.00%002/01 
 Harvest US Bank Leaders Income ETFHUBL18.70+0.00%020/09 
 Horizons Global Risk ParityHRA10.01+0.00%020/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX Emerging MarkeFDE14.36+0.00%012/09 
 First Asset Active Credit CommonFAO9.640.00%020/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX EU Div AdvEURa24.11+0.00%007/08 
 RBC Quant US Dividend Leaders USDRUDu26.96+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset Active Credit Common USFAOu9.600.00%014/08 
 First Asset Core US EquityCESb28.10+0.00%005/09 
 RBC Quant US Equity LeadersRUE29.020.00%017/09 
 First Asset Core Canadian Equity CoCED21.790.00%013/09 
 BMO Low Volatility EM EquityZLE21.00+0.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Maximum Diversification CanadaMKC22.45+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset Active Canadian DivFDV9.67+0.00%021/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US Consumer DiFHD27.220.00%019/09 
 WisdomTree Europe Hedged EquityEHE25.69+0.00%021/09 
 First Trust Canadian Capital StrengthFST34.15+0.00%021/09 
 TD International Equity CAD HedgedTHE18.73+0.00%021/09 
 TD Canadian Aggregate BondTDB14.26+0.00%021/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX EU Div ComEUR23.67+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset 1 5 Year Laddered GovBXF9.990.00%021/09 
 TD S&P/TSX Capped CompositeTTP18.32+0.00%021/09 
 TD International EquityTPE18.05+0.00%021/09 
 RBC Quant US Equity Leaders CAD HdgRUEH26.080.00%019/09 
 First Asset Core US Equity CAD HedgCES25.11+0.00%019/09 
 First Asset Morningstar US Momentum CAD Hedged ComYXM15.43+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset Morningstar Intl Value CommonVXMb28.60+0.00%020/09 
 First Asset MSCI Canada QualityFQC23.940.00%019/09 
 First Asset Global Financial SectorFSF20.320.00%021/09 
 First Asset Morningstar US Value CoXXMb17.66+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset MSCI Wrld Low Risk CADRWWb31.740.00%021/09 
 First Asset MSCI Wrld Low Risk ComRWW29.28+0.00%020/09 
 First Asset MSCI EU Low Risk CommonRWEb26.850.00%021/09 
 First Asset MSCI EU Low Risk CAD CoRWE26.92+0.00%020/09 
 Vanguard Global Liquidity FactorVLQ34.40+0.00%020/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol EAFE CAD HdgXML23.21+0.00%021/09 
 BMO Global Banks HedgedBANK20.80+0.00%020/09 
 RBC Strategic Global Equity LeadersRLE26.17+0.00%021/09 
 RBC Strategic Global Dividend LeadeRLD24.65+0.00%018/09 
 Manulife Multifactor Developed InternationalMINT27.68+0.00%021/09 
 RBC Target 2021 Corporate BondRQI19.550.00%021/09 
 RBC Quant EM Dividend Leaders USD UnitsRXDu15.19+0.00%014/09 
 iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Global CAD HdgXMY24.16+0.00%021/09 
 First Trust Emerging Markets Small Cap AlphaDEXFHM26.65+0.00%019/09 
 Purpose US Dividend UnitsPUD23.84+0.00%021/09 
 RBC Quant Canadian Equity LeadersRCE21.540.00%004/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US Consumer StFHC24.660.00%019/09 
 BMO Short Federal BondZFS14.050.00%020/09 
 Purpose Best IdeasPBI30.12+0.00%020/09 
 Evolve Global Healthcare Enhanced Yield HedgedLIFE19.520.00%017/09 
 Bristol Gate Concentrated Canadian EquityBGC20.600.00%021/09 
 Purpose Best Ideas Non Currency HedPBIb32.240.00%019/09 
 RBC Target 2018 Corporate BondRQF18.86+0.00%019/09 
 Franklin LibertyQT Emerging MarketsFLEM18.49+0.00%020/09 
 Purpose Duration Hedged Real EstatePHR19.460.00%020/09 
 RBC Target 2020 Corporate BondRQH19.86+0.00%021/09 
 Bristol Gate Concentrated US EquityBGU22.21+0.00%020/09 
 Evolve BlockchainLINK14.630.00%018/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active Canadian DividendDXC22.76+0.00%020/09 
 PowerShares LadderRite US 0 5 Yr UUSBu17.23+0.00%012/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active U.S. Mid-CapDXZ24.090.00%018/09 
 Dynamic iShares Active Tactical BondDXO19.790.00%020/09 
 First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction and ProceBLCK20.20+0.00%020/09 
 First Trust Global Risk AdvisorETPa19.23+0.00%023/08 
 PowerShares SP International DevelILV23.30+0.00%020/09 
 Harvest European Leaders Income Class AHEUR19.760.00%010/09 
 BMO US High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CADZWS20.69+0.00%020/09 
 Franklin LibertyQT Global DividendFLGD19.87+0.00%021/09 
 Purpose Enhanced US EquityPEU27.43+0.00%018/09 
 First Asset Enhanced Short Duration BondFSBu9.9500.00%020/09 
 BMO High Yield Us Corporate BondZJK19.960.00%020/09 
 Purpose Tactical Hedged EquityPHE25.75+0.00%021/09 
 BMO MSCI USA ValueZVU23.300.00%017/09 
 Purpose Tactical Investment Grade BBND18.980.00%019/09 
 Purpose US DividendPUDb27.74+0.00%019/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US Div CommonFUD27.670.00%031/08 
 First Asset MSCI International Low Risk WeightedRWX20.80+0.00%020/09 
 Evolve Automobile Innovation HedgedCARS21.34+0.00%021/09 
 BMO MSCI EAFE ValueZVI20.47+0.00%019/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US Health CareFHH29.300.00%019/09 
 BMO Low Volatility US Equity CAD HeZLH24.49+0.00%020/09 
 BMO Low Vol Int Eq CAD hdgZLD23.96+0.00%021/09 
 Mackenzie Canadian Large Cap EquityQCE100.08+0.00%019/09 
 First Trust AlphaDEX US IndustrialsFHG30.200.00%021/09 
 BMO Low Volatility US Equity USDZLUu26.72+0.00%021/09 
 First Asset Investment Grade BondFIGu9.80.00%013/09 
 AGFiQ Enhanced Core International EquityQIE29.24+0.00%021/09 
 Horizons Active A.I. GlobalMIND26.140.00%021/09 
 Purpose Monthly IncomePIN18.73+0.00%027/08 
 Dynamic iShares Active Tactical BondDXB19.550.00%021/09 
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