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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BetaPro Crude Oil 2x Daily BullHOU4.87+1.67%2.63M15:59:00 
 BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures 2x Daily BuHVU12.54-4.20%2.11M15:59:00 
 BetaPro Canadian Gold Miners 2x Daily BearHGD8.350+2.33%1.59M15:58:00 
 BetaPro Natural Gas 2x Daily BullHNU6.61+7.65%1.48M15:59:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX 60XIU22.65+0.09%1.14M15:59:00 
 BetaPro Crude Oil 2x Daily BearHOD14.26-1.79%942.57K15:59:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped EnergyXEG10.89-0.46%825.64K15:59:00 
 BetaPro Canadian Gold Miners 2x Daily BullHGU15.76-2.29%757.25K15:59:00 
 BetaPro Natural Gas 2x Daily BearHND12.11-7.63%680.13K15:59:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Global GoldXGD12.80-1.01%438.95K15:59:00 
 BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight BanksZEB26.88-0.26%373.14K15:59:00 
 BMO S&P/TSX Capped CompositeZCN20.770.00%359.16K15:43:00 
 BetaPro NASDAQ-100 2x Daily BullHQU45.89-0.97%288.90K15:59:00 
 BetaPro S&P TSX 60 2x Daily BearHXD6.73-0.15%280.98K15:59:00 
 iShares Core S&P 500 (CAD Hedged)XSP27.790.00%230.63K15:57:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped FinancialsXFN35.43-0.14%229.69K15:57:00 
 Horizons S&P/TSX 60HXT30.94+0.03%214.85K15:59:00 
 BMO Low Volatility Canadian EquityZLB30.09+0.08%209.63K15:57:00 
 BMO Covered Call Canadian BanksZWB18.22-0.11%148.33K15:59:00 
 BMO Laddered Preferred ShareZPR11.31-0.44%147.08K15:54:00 
 BMO S&P 500 (CAD Hedged)ZUE37.32+0.03%142.10K15:56:00 
 BetaPro S&P TSX 60 2x Daily BullHXU32.12+0.19%124.73K15:59:00 
 BMO Covered Call UtilitiesZWU14.15+0.28%109.07K15:59:00 
 iShares SP US Mid Cap CAD HedgedXMH17.30+0.46%108.25K15:43:00 
 iShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income Common CFIE7.16-0.28%103.46K15:59:00 
 Vanguard SP 500 CAD hedgedVSP43.07+0.09%98.75K15:24:00 
 iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped CompositeXIC24.210.00%96.58K15:57:00 
 BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures Daily InverHVI15.14+2.09%96.45K15:59:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Canadian High DividenVDY32.91+0.06%96.04K15:58:00 
 BMO Equal Weight US Banks (CAD Hedged)ZUB25.50+0.75%92.26K15:55:00 
 iShares US Small Cap (CAD Hedged)XSU30.21+0.13%83.52K15:56:00 
 BetaPro S&P 500 2x Daily BearHSD5.55-0.18%80.03K14:41:00 
 BMO Aggregate BondZAG16.03+0.12%74.09K15:59:00 
 iShares US High Dividend Equity (CAD Hedged)XHD27.51+0.18%73.62K15:59:00 
 iShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI CAXEF29.75+0.07%72.94K15:59:00 
 BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Oil & GasZEO10.32-0.29%69.08K15:59:00 
 iShares Canadian Select DividendXDV24.29+0.04%66.98K15:59:00 
 Horizons Medical Marijuana Life SciencesHMMJ8.82-0.68%66.25K15:59:00 
 Horizons EURO STOXX 50 Class AHXX30.54+0.39%64.97K15:56:00 
 BMO Europe High Dividend Covered CaZWE22.55+0.89%62.84K15:59:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Common ClCPD13.91-0.29%62.79K15:59:00 
 Horizons US Dollar CurrencyDLR13.17-0.15%55.28K15:58:00 
 BetaPro NASDAQ-100 2x Daily BearHQD11.58+0.78%55.26K15:01:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging MarketsVEE32.78+0.92%52.91K15:55:00 
 Vanguard Canadian Short Term BondVSB24.28+0.04%50.05K15:33:00 
 iShares Core MSCI AC World ex CanadXAW23.90+0.17%49.39K15:57:00 
 First Asset Tech Giants CC ComTXF15.19-0.07%48.14K15:59:00 
 iShares Short Duration High Income CommonCSD18.35-0.05%47.92K15:59:00 
 iShares 1-5Yr Laddered Government Bond Common ClasCLF18.380.00%47.57K14:22:00 
 BMO Floating Rate High YieldZFH15.40+0.13%46.36K15:35:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Canada All CapVCN30.91+0.03%45.42K15:54:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped REITXRE16.36-0.06%45.36K15:57:00 
 BetaPro S&P TSX Capped Energy 2x Daily BullHEU7.84-1.13%44.22K15:59:00 
 iShares Canadian Universe BondXBB31.85+0.09%43.20K15:58:00 
 BMO NASDAQ 100 Equity (CAD Hedged)ZQQ44.28-0.36%40.98K15:50:00 
 iShares 1-5Yr Laddered Corporate Bond Common ClassCBO18.87+0.05%40.27K15:55:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap ex CanVXC34.25+0.23%39.70K15:55:00 
 iShares Core S&P 500XUS40.34-0.02%38.67K15:50:00 
 BMO Junior OilZJO12.02+2.21%38.02K13:12:00 
 Horizons Active High Yield Bond CommonClassHYI10.25+0.29%37.83K15:56:00 
 iShares MSCI Europe IMIXEU23.77+0.38%37.48K15:50:00 
 Vanguard US Aggregate Bond CAD HedgVBU25.32+0.40%35.61K15:32:00 
 BMO Short Corporate BondZCS14.440.00%35.25K15:48:00 
 iShares Canadian Short Term BondXSB27.970.00%33.96K15:55:00 
 BMO Junior GoldZJG8.71-0.68%33.53K15:45:00 
 BetaPro S&P 500 2x Daily BullHSU42.92+0.37%33.14K15:59:00 
 Vanguard Global Value FactorVVL32.24+0.66%31.93K15:56:00 
 Vanguard Canadian Aggregate BondVAB25.99+0.12%31.45K15:55:00 
 BMO US High Dividend CCZWH20.60+0.10%30.10K15:59:00 
 iShares Canadian Corporate BondXCB21.73+0.12%29.36K15:27:00 
 BMO Dow Jones Industrial Average (CAD Hedged)ZDJ36.720.00%29.22K15:56:00 
 Vanguard SP 500 CAVFV57.32-0.05%28.69K15:59:00 
 iShares Gold Bullion (CAD Hedged)CGL10.85-0.82%28.41K15:59:00 
 Horizons Active Preferred Share CommonClassHPR9.27-0.32%26.53K15:48:00 
 BetaPro Silver 2x Daily BullHZU15.40-1.60%25.03K15:42:00 
 RBC Quant EAFE Dividend LeadersRID24.48-0.20%24.86K15:45:00 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap Ex USVEF39.54+0.33%24.64K15:51:00 
 BMO Long Corporate BondZLC19.23+0.10%24.59K14:31:00 
 iShares S&P TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats CommCDZ26.01-0.10%24.34K15:59:00 
 Vanguard Canadian Short Term CorporVSC24.65+0.04%24.17K15:59:00 
 iShares MSCI WorldXWD46.50+0.04%23.27K15:59:00 
 iShares MSCI EAFE (CAD Hedged)XIN25.38+0.40%22.26K16:15:00 
 PowerShares QQQ CAD HedgedQQCf50.33-0.30%21.22K15:50:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped MaterialsXMA12.92-0.46%20.98K15:59:00 
 PowerShares 1-5Yr Laddered Investment Grade CorporPSB18.68+0.05%20.92K15:59:00 
 Vanguard FTSE CanadaVCE32.24+0.12%20.44K15:26:00 
 BMO Canadian DividendZDV17.32+0.06%20.38K15:29:00 
 iShares Core High Qual Canadian ComXQB21.03-0.05%20.14K15:59:00 
 iShares Canadian Real Return BondXRB24.32+0.08%19.75K15:58:00 
 Horizons Gold Yield Common ClassHGY5.05-0.98%19.37K15:28:00 
 iShares Core MSCI EMXEC26.07+0.77%18.52K15:59:00 
 Horizons Active Global Fixed Income Common ClassHAF8.07-0.25%18.39K15:58:00 
 iShares US High Yield Bond (CAD Hedged)XHY20.03+0.15%18.22K15:59:00 
 BetaPro S&P TSX Capped Energy 2x Daily BearHED11.94+0.93%17.56K15:59:00 
 PowerShares Canadian DividendPDC27.60-0.04%17.09K15:52:00 
 BMO US Put WriteZPW19.01-0.11%17.06K15:59:00 
 BMO Long Federal BondZFL18.44+0.55%17.00K15:59:00 
 BMO MSCI EAFEZEA18.430.00%16.50K15:59:00 
 iShares S&P/TSX Capped Consumer StaplesXST55.13+1.01%16.45K15:57:00 
 iShares Canadian Fundamental CCRQ14.83+0.14%15.81K15:45:28