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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series T50P0000.23.001+0.30%48.83B07/12 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series F0P0000.32.756+0.30%48.83B07/12 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series F0P0001.24.091+0.26%48.83B07/12 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series A0P0000.30.876+0.30%48.83B07/12 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series A0P0001.22.708+0.26%48.83B07/12 
 RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0000.23.204+0.20%35.55B07/12 
 RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0001.17.067+0.15%35.55B07/12 
 RBC Bond Sr A0P0000.5.944-0.01%22.66B07/12 
 RBC Bond Sr D0P0000.5.990-0.01%22.66B07/12 
 RBC Bond Sr F0P0000.6.142-0.00%22.66B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O0P0000.12.569+0.09%22.21B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A0P0000.12.569+0.09%22.21B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F0P0000.12.569+0.09%22.21B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M0P0000.12.569+0.09%22.21B07/12 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series D0P0000.91.238-0.06%19.47B07/12 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series D0P0001.67.104-0.11%19.47B07/12 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series F0P0000.93.893-0.06%19.47B07/12 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series F0P0001.69.057-0.11%19.47B07/12 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series I0P0000.92.218-0.06%19.47B07/12 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond - F0P0000.10.5500.00%21.57B07/12 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.9.3200%21.57B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M USD Hedged0P0000.9.056+0.10%16B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O USD Hedged0P0000.9.056+0.10%16B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A USD Hedged0P0000.9.056+0.10%16B07/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F USD Hedged0P0000.9.056+0.10%16B07/12 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0000.12.591+0.10%12.78B07/12 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0001.9.261+0.05%12.78B07/12 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series F0P0000.36.135+0.38%14.72B07/12 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series F0P0001.26.577+0.34%14.72B07/12 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series T50P0000.25.535+0.38%14.72B07/12 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series A0P0000.35.426+0.38%14.72B07/12 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series A0P0001.26.055+0.34%14.72B07/12 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio F50P0000.10.458+0.33%12.42B07/12 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio F80P0000.6.125+0.33%12.42B07/12 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio F0P0000.15.634+0.33%12.42B07/12 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio B0P0000.15.536+0.33%12.42B07/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series F0P0000.47.231+0.50%11.46B07/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series F0P0000.34.738+0.45%11.46B07/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series A0P0000.42.053+0.50%11.46B07/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series A0P0000.30.929+0.45%11.46B07/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series D0P0000.44.828+0.50%11.46B07/12 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series D0P0000.32.970+0.45%11.46B07/12 
 Fidelity Canadian Bond Sr F0P0000.12.938+0.01%10.75B07/12 
 Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund Series A0P0000.85.721+0.05%10.12B07/12 
 Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund Series F0P0000.85.746+0.05%10.12B07/12 
 EdgePoint Glbl Port non-HST Sr AN0P0000.34.165+0.24%11.55B07/12 
 EdgePoint Glbl Port non-HST Sr FN0P0000.34.259+0.25%11.55B07/12 
 EdgePoint Global Portfolio Series A0P0000.34.237+0.24%11.55B07/12 
 EdgePoint Global Portfolio Series F0P0000.34.379+0.25%11.55B07/12 
 Mawer Global Equity0P0000.44.539+0.49%12.23B07/12 
 PH N Total Return Bond A0P0000.10.275-0.01%10.39B07/12 
 PH N Total Return Bond D0P0000.10.285-0.01%10.39B07/12 
 PH N Total Return Bond F0P0000.10.298-0.01%10.39B07/12 
 TD Dividend Growth Fund D-SeriesTDB308815.450+0.06%9.14B07/12 
 TD Dividend Growth - F0P0000.40.800+0.05%9.14B07/12 
 TD Dividend Growth - S0P0000.10.5700%9.14B07/12 
 TD Dividend Growth Fund - Premium F series0P0001.16.780+0.06%9.14B07/12 
 TD Dividend Growth Fund - Premium series0P0001.16.620+0.06%9.14B07/12 
 TD Dividend Growth - I0P0000.107.530+0.05%9.14B07/12 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series FT60P0000.10.744+0.06%8.52B07/12 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.11.043+0.06%8.52B07/12 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.8.119-0.22%8.52B07/12 
 PH N Bond F0P0000.9.236-0.01%8.5B07/12 
 PH&N Bond DLP6800.9.196-0.01%8.5B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund - Premium F series0P0001.13.470+0.07%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income F0P0000.14.420+0.14%9.41B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund - Premium series0P0001.12.220+0.08%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income H0P0000.12.820+0.08%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income ITDB258013.060+0.08%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income S0P0000.14.700+0.07%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income T0P0000.12.807+0.08%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund - K Series0P0001.13.040+0.08%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Ser D0P0001.11.690+0.09%9.48B07/12 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income A0P0000.13.084+0.08%9.48B07/12 
 TD Comfort Balanced Portfolio Investor SeriesTDB88617.910+0.22%8.89B07/12 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series FT60P0000.11.177+0.28%8.04B07/12 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series B0P0000.8.596+0.28%8.04B07/12 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series T60P0000.9.365+0.28%8.04B07/12 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series F0P0000.12.992+0.28%8.04B07/12 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series Adv0P0000.9.100+0.28%8.04B07/12 
 Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Sr A0P0000.81.559+0.63%8.77B07/12 
 Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Sr F0P0000.91.752+0.64%8.77B07/12 
 Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Sr B0P0000.82.656+0.63%8.77B07/12 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth F0P0000.10.005+0.48%8.82B07/12 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth F0P0000.7.358+0.43%8.82B07/12 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth Fund Class E0P0000.14.723+0.47%8.82B07/12 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth A0P0000.9.848+0.47%8.82B07/12 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth A0P0000.7.243+0.43%8.82B07/12 
 TD Canadian Bond - F0P0000.10.9700.00%5.36B07/12 
 TD Canadian Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.9.3300%5.36B07/12 
 PH N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity D0P0000.24.094+0.87%7.95B07/12 
 PH N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity F0P0000.24.053+0.87%7.95B07/12 
 EdgePoint Glbl Gr Inc Pt non-HSTAN0P0000.26.644+0.14%9.02B07/12 
 EdgePoint Glbl Gr Inc Pt non-HSTFN0P0000.27.057+0.15%9.02B07/12 
 EdgePoint Global Growth Inc Port Sr A0P0000.26.611+0.14%9.02B07/12 
 EdgePoint Global Growth Inc Port Sr F0P0000.26.729+0.15%9.02B07/12 
 PH N High Yield Bond F0P0000.10.891+0.12%8.53B07/12 
 PH N High Yield Bond A0P0000.10.968+0.11%8.53B07/12 
 PH N High Yield Bond D0P0000.10.836+0.12%8.53B07/12 
 TD U.S. Blue Chip Equity Fund D SeriesTDB309125.980+0.97%7.14B07/12 
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