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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series T50P0000.24.969+0.45%55.27B12/07 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series F0P0000.35.444+0.45%55.27B12/07 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series F0P0001.25.999+0.45%55.27B12/07 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series A0P0000.33.548+0.45%55.27B12/07 
 RBC Select Balanced Portfolio Series A0P0001.24.608+0.45%55.27B12/07 
 RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0000.24.330+0.33%37.92B12/07 
 RBC Select Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0001.17.846+0.33%37.92B12/07 
 RBC Bond Sr A0P0000.5.937+0.20%24.12B12/07 
 RBC Bond Sr D0P0000.5.980+0.20%24.12B12/07 
 RBC Bond Sr F0P0000.6.129+0.20%24.12B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O0P0000.12.616+0.22%25.92B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A0P0000.12.616+0.22%25.92B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F0P0000.12.616+0.22%25.92B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M0P0000.12.616+0.22%25.92B12/07 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series D0P0000.99.303+0.52%21.24B12/07 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series D0P0001.72.840+0.53%21.24B12/07 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series F0P0000.102.136+0.52%21.24B12/07 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series F0P0001.74.919+0.53%21.24B12/07 
 RBC Canadian Dividend Fund Series I0P0000.100.269+0.53%21.24B12/07 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond - F0P0000.10.630+0.19%22.15B12/07 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.9.390+0.21%22.15B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M USD Hedged0P0000.9.119+0.23%18.94B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O USD Hedged0P0000.9.119+0.23%18.94B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A USD Hedged0P0000.9.119+0.23%18.94B12/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F USD Hedged0P0000.9.119+0.23%18.94B12/07 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0000.12.988+0.25%12.88B12/07 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0001.9.527+0.25%12.88B12/07 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series F0P0000.40.014+0.52%16.97B12/07 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series F0P0001.29.351+0.53%16.97B12/07 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series T50P0000.28.268+0.52%16.97B12/07 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series A0P0000.39.400+0.52%16.97B12/07 
 RBC Select Growth Portfolio Series A0P0001.28.900+0.52%16.97B12/07 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio F50P0000.11.508+0.43%15.61B12/07 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio F80P0000.6.623+0.43%15.61B12/07 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio F0P0000.17.694+0.43%15.61B12/07 
 Fidelity Global Balanced Portfolio B0P0000.17.666+0.43%15.61B12/07 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series F0P0000.58.404+0.51%13.55B12/07 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series F0P0000.42.841+0.52%13.55B12/07 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series A0P0000.52.100+0.51%13.55B12/07 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series A0P0000.38.216+0.51%13.55B12/07 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series D0P0000.55.484+0.51%13.55B12/07 
 Capital Group Global Equity Fund Canada Series D0P0000.40.698+0.52%13.55B12/07 
 Fidelity Canadian Bond Sr F0P0000.12.964+0.17%707.38M12/07 
 Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund Series A0P0000.92.678+0.55%11.66B12/07 
 Scotia Canadian Dividend Fund Series F0P0000.92.595+0.55%11.66B12/07 
 EdgePoint Glbl Port non-HST Sr AN0P0000.36.279+1.29%12.24B12/07 
 EdgePoint Glbl Port non-HST Sr FN0P0000.36.137+1.29%12.24B12/07 
 EdgePoint Global Portfolio Series A0P0000.36.427+1.29%12.24B12/07 
 EdgePoint Global Portfolio Series F0P0000.36.279+1.29%12.24B12/07 
 Mawer Global Equity0P0000.48.099+0.98%13.72B12/07 
 PH N Total Return Bond A0P0000.10.221+0.20%10.92B12/07 
 PH N Total Return Bond D0P0000.10.222+0.20%10.92B12/07 
 PH N Total Return Bond F0P0000.10.234+0.20%10.92B12/07 
 TD Dividend Growth Fund D-SeriesTDB308816.990+0.53%10.07B12/07 
 TD Dividend Growth - F0P0000.44.860+0.49%10.07B12/07 
 TD Dividend Growth - S0P0000.11.330+0.53%10.07B12/07 
 TD Dividend Growth Fund - Premium F series0P0001.18.440+0.49%10.07B12/07 
 TD Dividend Growth Fund - Premium series0P0001.18.300+0.55%10.07B12/07 
 TD Dividend Growth - I0P0000.118.370+0.50%10.07B12/07 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series FT60P0000.10.696+0.19%8.45B12/07 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.11.148+0.19%8.45B12/07 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.8.183+0.12%8.45B12/07 
 PH N Bond F0P0000.9.170+0.20%8.52B12/07 
 PH&N Bond DLP6800.9.133+0.20%8.52B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund - Premium F series0P0001.15.150+0.26%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income F0P0000.16.230+0.25%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund - Premium series0P0001.13.650+0.29%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income H0P0000.14.010+0.29%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income ITDB258014.600+0.27%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income S0P0000.16.170+0.25%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income T0P0000.13.981+0.27%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund - K Series0P0001.14.380+0.28%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income Ser D0P0001.13.150+0.31%11.27B12/07 
 TD Tactical Monthly Income A0P0000.14.619+0.27%11.27B12/07 
 TD Comfort Balanced Portfolio Investor SeriesTDB88619.050+0.42%9.32B12/07 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series FT60P0000.11.480+0.54%8.6B12/07 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series B0P0000.8.660+0.53%8.6B12/07 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series T60P0000.9.560+0.53%8.6B12/07 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series F0P0000.13.363+0.53%8.6B12/07 
 Manulife Monthly High Income Fund Series Adv0P0000.9.193+0.53%8.6B12/07 
 Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Sr A0P0000.106.010+0.35%11.25B12/07 
 Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Sr F0P0000.120.236+0.35%11.25B12/07 
 Fidelity Canadian Growth Company Sr B0P0000.107.581+0.35%11.25B12/07 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth F0P0000.10.983+0.28%9.43B12/07 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth F0P0000.8.056+0.29%9.43B12/07 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth Fund Class E0P0000.16.135+0.28%9.43B12/07 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth A0P0000.10.795+0.28%9.43B12/07 
 CI Signature Global Income Growth A0P0000.7.918+0.29%9.43B12/07 
 TD Canadian Bond - F0P0000.11.020+0.18%5.4B12/07 
 TD Canadian Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.9.370+0.21%5.4B12/07 
 PH N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity D0P0000.28.349+0.50%9.16B12/07 
 PH N US Multi-Style All-Cap Equity F0P0000.28.266+0.50%9.16B12/07 
 EdgePoint Glbl Gr Inc Pt non-HSTAN0P0000.27.639+0.85%9.75B12/07 
 EdgePoint Glbl Gr Inc Pt non-HSTFN0P0000.28.022+0.85%9.75B12/07 
 EdgePoint Global Growth Inc Port Sr A0P0000.27.613+0.85%9.75B12/07 
 EdgePoint Global Growth Inc Port Sr F0P0000.27.688+0.85%9.75B12/07 
 PH N High Yield Bond F0P0000.11.320+0.11%9.79B12/07 
 PH N High Yield Bond A0P0000.11.409+0.11%9.79B12/07 
 PH N High Yield Bond D0P0000.11.263+0.11%9.79B12/07 
 TD U.S. Blue Chip Equity Fund D SeriesTDB309128.760+0.81%6.73B12/07 
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