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Tracy Ma

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Tracy Ma is a speaker, part time investor and founder of Financial Nirvana Mama.  She hosts a youtube channel called 'Financial Nirvana Mama' to mentor investors, business owners and professionals go from self doubt to investing with confidence so they ultimately live their best life.

Highlighted by Money Sense Magazine as a top finance influencer, Tracy Ma successfully built a multi-million dollar real estate and stock portfolio, enabling her to leave engineering at 35, make work optional and secure a legacy for her twins.

But it wasn't always smooth sailing. Tracy's turning point came during a grueling phase, juggling three jobs, clocking in over 70 hours a week, and BURNING out to kill off her student loan debt. Instead of working harder, Tracy chose to work smarter by investing consistently in real estate & stocks and left her engineering career and golden handcuffs at 35 years old to live life on her terms.

When she’s not acting as a mom, you can find her obstacle racing, skateboarding or snowboarding and eating tiramisu.

Download her free real estate toolkit including a step by step checklist on buying your first or next rental property at

Connect with her on her youtube channel at where she shares investing strategies using stocks and real estate to ultimately help you live your best life.