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What will you. use to start the new year with, after you have spend all your have be saving for the Christmas. Is better for you to invest even if he's going to be 500 dollars it's something then for you to be without any plants of the new year 447----475864378.
Long gold miners @ 2047. Holding into February. GDP data will reach zero, then negative.
Sitting on sidelines, not convinced of any direction, could range trade until 2024
Ouch Van !! Have a merry Christmas all, see you in 2024
This is why you don't hodl. Trim profits the top of the range approaches. Gold bugs make me laugh. Its buy time soon...
And shorts, did you trim those ??
I'm not shorting gold or miners
Silver shorts ? They do mine Silver
Drop drop drop! Give us 1200 again then I'll buy more physical hoard.
Giddy up!!!
there is a jump
Sell some
wrong again
Christmas coming up Van, take a long break
You always need to trim some profit folks
what's going on
what what and ahsay
up up and away
This rally is amazing
I just wanted to say hi and thanks again for your services
Were you in Amsterdam ? Asking for a friend
PPI way down, Feds will, should, lower rates asap. Or are they to caught up in their ownpersonal issues ? They indershoot they overshoot. Please dismatle central banks.
They will wait until it's too late. The uneducated will fall victim to the rate cuts and buy the dips in equities. New bag holders will be created
If they lower rates inflation will explode higher.
Inflation subdued, Gold should rally, but who knows !
Michigan numbers at 10 am will be crucial for direction. If consumers confidence wanes Gold will catch a bid.
Sentiment and expectations way lower, but surprisingly inflation expectations higher. Definitely seeing consumers rein in spending. Why isnt this showing up in Central banks data ??
Its cuz rates will continue to rise bros Oil down and usd wiill crash if they dont keep raising So gold and all safe havens will crash imo
That turned fast….. need more unemployment bad news
Looks like bears will get burnt below 2k
Bullish into Jan/Feb.
Looking at oil, the market may be pricing in recession sooner than anticipated
Agree, recession has already begun.
jump agian just need time
Get ready for Feds thoughts, could be a 🚀
Feds unchanged (as expected) 10 year stays at 4.80%.
Gold stocks getting well bid, finally 👍
building nice floor
She wants to go to 2000 …. Will have to wait for econ data