US Coffee C Futures - Dec 22 (KCZ2)

  • Prev. Close:
  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    221.05 - 225.25
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Agriculture
  • Unit:1 Pound

US Coffee C Futures Overview

Prev. Close
Dec 22
Tick Size
Contract Size
37,500 Lbs.
Tick Value
Day's Range
Settlement Type
Base Symbol
52 wk Range
Settlement Day
Point Value
1 = $375
1-Year Change
Last Rollover Day
What is your sentiment on US Coffee C?
Market is currently closed. Voting is open during market hours.

US Coffee C Futures News

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US Coffee C Futures Analysis

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Technical Summary

5 Min
15 Min
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