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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

Treasury Yields Rise for the Sixth Straight Week By TrackInsight - Mar 07, 2023

U.S. Treasury yields rose for the sixth week in a row. The 10-year benchmark rate hit its highest level since November, climbing to 4.09% on Thursday before moving back to 3.96% on Friday. The 2-year...

U.S. Treasury yields rise for the fifth straight week By TrackInsight - Feb 27, 2023

Expectations for further rate hikes pushed Treasury yields higher. They now reach levels not seen in three months. The 10-year benchmark rate hit its highest level since Nov. 9 (3.95%). The 2-year...

James Picerno
Will the Recovery in U.S. Bonds Continue? By James Picerno - Feb 10, 2023

After taking a beating last year, US fixed income securities have clawed back some of the losses so far in 2023, based on a set of ETFs through yesterday's close (Feb. 9). But with the Federal Reserve...

Michael Ashton
We Are All Bond Traders Now By Michael Ashton - Feb 06, 2023

When I started working in the financial markets, bond traders were the cool kids. The equity guys drove Maseratis and acted like buffoons, but the bond guys drove sensible style like Mercedes and...

Chris Kimble
Odds Favor Lower Bond Yields in Months Ahead By Chris Kimble - Jan 20, 2023

Interest rates have risen rather quickly as the Federal Reserve attempts to fight inflation. Will the move be a case of too far, too fast? Today’s long-term monthly chart of the United States 10-Year...

Chris Kimble
Are Investment Grade Bonds About to Rally? By Chris Kimble - Dec 07, 2022

Considering our national debt and the debts of companies and consumers, it’s evident that the bond market is critical to our economy. This is likely why the iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate...

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