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Bonds Analysis & Opinion

US Treasury yields ease again By TrackInsight - Sep 04, 2023

US treasury yields fell after the macro data showed that the US economy grew at a slower-than-expected 2.1% pace from the first quarter. Analysts had expected a gain of 2.4% in the second quarter....

Michael Lebowitz
Selloff in Bonds Is a Buying Opportunity By Michael Lebowitz - Aug 23, 2023

“China, Japan, inflation, deficits, and QT, oh my!” – The chant of bond traders watching yields creep higher. Despite the highest yields in 15 years, some bearish bond traders think they can go much...

Treasury Yields Jump Again for the Fifth Week in a Row By TrackInsight - Aug 21, 2023

Following stronger-than-anticipated retail sales, US Treasury yields escalated as investors contemplated the Federal Reserve's potential rise in rates later this year. The Fed’s minutes from their...

Renewed Inflation Fears Push Treasury Yields Higher By TrackInsight - Aug 14, 2023

US wholesale inflation rose more than expected last month. July registered a 0.3% month-on-month increase in Producer Prices (PPI), exceeding market expectations of 0.2% and marking the most...

Treasury Yields Rise on U.S. Debt Issuance By TrackInsight - Aug 07, 2023

The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield soared to 4.19% on Thursday, peaking for the first time since November 2022, but retreated significantly on Friday, ending at 4.04% (+8 basis points over the week) in...

Chris Kimble
U.S. 10-Year Yield Targets 6% After Breakout By Chris Kimble - Aug 03, 2023

Interest rates remain in the spotlight, with investors watching every economic data release and wondering when the Federal Reserve will stop raising rates. Well, one way to gauge this environment is...

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