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Looks like the riggers, the Big Banks are slamming silver.
rigged's silvers time to shine
No short at 23,55
Short @ 23.55
You nailed it.
Did you short at $23.55
Short @ 22.918
Keep holding David. You can hand me your shirt by eoy
ur shorting silver from Oct 13 to expect it to profit by eoy. noob
Are we turning around to climb again??
Appeared that way and right back down
JP Morgan has been busy manipulating the paper work.
lotta pain till YE
Looks to be shaking out longs first and then away it goes, but there be more room for down--dx same but opposite
Besrish trend. Careful buying this dip
this aged poorly.
Like fine wine
I'll buy back in at 22.67 again.
Crooked Big Banks will beat this down soon.
nice cup and handle formation
going long at $22.67 was a good idea.
Can't hold above trend. Time to unload more
22.67 is a buy
bought on the dip. let's see a quick recovery.
will we see a quick bounce?
sideways for days.
strong upward momentum
Squeeze in play
im a little worried for fed meeting
strong upward momentum
looks good, any retrace will be minor
a lower high
sold all on friday with good gains. would like to see it drop to buy back in again.
sold too soon!
short 24.2*
glad I sold half yesterday at 23.45
$18 would be nice.
it's the end of the month! someone has to get f-ed....right?
can someone tell me where to click to buy some dam silver? lol any help would be appreciated