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they just got TSA Aproved !!
they are on the right path to becoming global leaders in threat detection, watch closely
buy out coming soon
what a joke of a company
is it good stock to invest? if yes is it right time to buy.
Logically, this sounds like a good stock to invest in due to Covid, but is highly speculative as they have negative earnings. Do your DD and make your decision from there.
Patriot One Technologies Inc.’s (PAT.TO) (PTOTF) (0PL.F) wholly-owned subsidiary Xtract Technologies (“Xtract AI”) is pleased to announce it has secured a $199,000CAD contract with Canada’s Department of National Defence through the Public Works and Government Services Canada Division, as part of the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patriot One Technologies Inc.’s (PAT.TO) (PTOTF) (0PL.F) wholly-owned subsidiary Xtract Technologies (“Xtract AI”) is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), the University of British Columbia (UBC), and SapienML among others in the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to help radiologists identify the increased risk of the COVID-19 virus.
great company lots of potential in global market. it will bounce back so hard that it would be hard to catch it
this stock lost more than 50% in one month
and so has 1000s of other companies
think it's going to bounce back over the dollar?
once this panic sell off finishes with the markets, it will bounce back
shorters having one hell of a time with this stock
it is unfortunate how much this company potential is not being visualized. they are moving forward at a medium-low speed building a good business base
when will the market realize the potential of this company shish
I'm watching the developments in this company because I think it is timely given the world situation. I like the fact that it is a Canadian company.
Even the Ottawa market one of the most liberal cities in Canada is planning on putting security cameras on the corners. Tech like this is destined to be applied.
Very good chance if we break this resistance we can get the next test around 2.70
Hardware starting to be installed now, Virginia locations will have vrs hardware via sisco. The first event captured by this system will be recorded, what do you all think will happen when the news outlets see that footage? Choo Choo.
I believe this stock will certainly go up. why does it take so long from design to production to good sales.
any new ..news
this is just the beginning!
No brainer!
and here we go meeting at the Pentagon and white house $$$
Getting ready for lift off
great company, going to make a lot of money!
Why does this stock keep dropping ?