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Probably one or two month high pointing toward $323 to $327Any comment ???
if can't close near yesterday's open will probably be heading back down..
300 in 2 more months
Don’t buy this stock they are going to fall to hell so
Top of range reached. Holding here is a gamble
according to news this fellow will boom again
start selling folks
Getting toppy
All of the performance meteics should be rated ‘4’ it’s about to open up its own version of Twitter.
might crossing $200 tomorrow
we must hold I think
VXN bouncing off 24. Apes will be apes
Time to sell chimps
Nasdaq 12266 is the supply zone. Get ready bears
Trend break but sell the news
will cross $150 today. what y guys think
almost 150
will go to 150 soon
Back to 20$
Love the chart better then punching Zuck in the face! Destroying our communities socially!!
1T missing...!
The Feds are not out to destroy FB they are out to get Zuckerberg for ratting on the FBI. if the stock gets cheap enough I see another take over like Musk did to Twitter and then have Zuckerberg escorted off the property.
f*ck FBI book
😱 what happened here?
Over valued for awhile, seemingly weak growth for the next few quarters so there seems to be better places to put your money