S&P 500 Futures - Jun 22

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  • Day's Range:
    3,909.75 - 3,952.75
  • Type:Index Future
  • Underlying:S&P 500

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  • It's fallen below 200 DMA ! That indicates 15% to 30% fall before recovery ! So possible low now is 4000 to 3400
    • Yes BUT, will the Fed protect, these aren’t normal times, I do hooe they leave the markets to there own devices but we know they can’t be trusted to stay out of the mix
    •  ,, White house has left JPs confirmation to last minute (Feb) so he will be very worried for his job ! Biden has openly dumped the entire 'inflation' blame on FED while FED still blames inflation on 'supply' bottlenecks ! So JP wants to go for PBoC style of monetary easing but wouldn't offend WH till he is confirmed,,, IMO ! My bets are, from Feb, FEDs will back off from tightening due to 'weakness in economy' ! Till then, markets may look dumpy
    • At his age, 68 years old I really don’t think JP is too bothered whether he gets reinstated or not, this new term more an ego boost and a chance to correct his previous errors