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Anyone looking at India? ! Seems India is on fire  ! From 1400 startups just seven years back, to 68000 today (100 unicorns)  ! IMF/World Bank ranks it's growth rate double that of China in 2022 ! Cons: at has large restive minority community constantly at odds with progressive values !
  ,No worry, India seems to be doing a much better job of growing using limited resources than we or China did/doing !  But yes, they will increasingly take greater share of what we once though was ours :0 ! I did look up on water,,, seems India stores just 30 days rainfall ( compared to 900 days in Europe) ! However, ambitious plans in place, to link perennial north with seasonal south rivers, for better water harvesting, with 40 year budget of $3 trillion at today's prices ! Only about 10% has been completed with World Bank as partners, so not really of private interest ! One of those interesting project in Indian state of Gujarat,  covers water channel with solar panels, to generate electricity (100 megawatts) and prevent water evaporation ! UC Santa Cruz has investigated this method for use in California and estimates that, on top of generating green energy, it would save 63,5 billion gallons of water from evaporation annually in California, but has no money for it! Really?No money?
Darn Censors !,,,,, So ya, California case (above) epitomizes our approach towards environment, we talk and blame others (India) but we ourselves put no money on the table even for projects that make sense ! so India is 6th and we are back in 30s !!
The world is very short sighted and greedy, always has been, only now climate is on our backs, will we change, might be too late